Management Studies

Lecture Plan

Odd Sem.

Business Environment, I Sem, (MBA-104)
Business Communication, I Sem, (MBA-103)
Statistics & Analytics for Business Decision, I Sem, (MBA-106)
Managerial Economics, I Sem, (MBA-102)
Management Process and Organizational Behavior, I Sem, (MBA-101)
Financial Reporting, Statements and Analysis, Ist Sem, (MBA-105)
Computers Applications for Business, 1ST SEM,(MBA-107)
Advertising Management, III Sem, (MM-301)
Banking & Financial Services, III SEM (FM-304)
Compensation Management 3rd Sem (HRM-305)
Consumer Behaviour, III Sem, (MM-304)
Corporate Restructuring & Control (FM-305)
Corporate Strategy, III Sem, (MBA-301)
Creativity and New Idea, III Sem, (ED-302)
Derivatives trading in India, III sem, (FM-303)
EXIM, III Sem, (MM-303)
Family Business Management, III Sem, (ED-304)
HR Analytics, III Sem, MBA
Indian Ethos and Business Ethics, IIIrd Sem, (MBA-302)
Indias Foreign Trade Policy III SEM (MBA-304)
Sales & Logistics Management, III Sem, (MM-303)
Security Analysis III Sem (FM-306)
Strategic Brand Management, III Sem, (MM-305)
TAPM III Sem (HRM-306)

Even Sem.

Business Research Methodology II Sem (MBA-202)
Coporate Finance, IInd SEM (MBA-205)
Human Resource Management II Sem (MBA-206)
Legal Environment, II Sem (MBA-207)
Marketing Management II SEM (MBA-204)
Optimisation Models for Business Decisions II Sem (MBA-201)
Production and Operations Management II SEM (MBA-203)
Behavioral Finance, IV Sem (FM-403)
Business Marketing IV SEM (MM-402)
C.C. Global HRM IV Sem (HRM 403)
Competency Mapping, lV Sem (HRM 406)
Cross Cultural and Global Management (IB-405)
CSR&S, IV Sem (MBA-402)
Entrepreneurship IV Sem (MBA-401)
Group dynamics and Team leadership (HRM- 401)
Insurance & Risk Management, IV SEM (FM-405)
International Marketing, IV Sem (MM-401)
International Strategic Management IV SEM (IB 404)
Portfolio Management IV Sem (FM-404)
Private Equity and Wealth Management IV SEM (FM-406)
Retail & Mall Mgmnt IV Sem (MM-406)
Service Marketing IV SEM (MM-403)
SHRM, IV Sem (HRM-402)
Marketing Management in New Age Business IV SEM (ED-403)
Data Analysis using Python IV Sem (BA-405)
Predictive Analysis of Business Decision IV Sem (BA-404)
Enterprise Planning, Appraisal & Financing IV SEM (ED-401)
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