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To compliment the learning provided by the Course Curriculum, The Department of Management Studies operates student-run Clubs (Marketing, Finance and HR) mentored by senior faculty for each of the three major specializations, under the guidance and supervision of Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Mishra, HOD- Department of Management Studies.




Faculty Mentor: Dr. Dalbir

Finatrix is the Finance Club of DMS which drives the initiatives in finance domain through various incorporated activities. This platform updates the students on different domains & career paths within finance. Finatrix aims at skilling the students with desired financial acumen and make them industry ready and serve as a bridge between the industry and the student community. The club’s activities explore the various verticals within Finance including stock markets, investments, equity research, banking, financial policies etc. through workshops, competitions, speaker sessions and discussion sessions on current financial events.

Following activities are regularly organized:

  • Case Study Competition
  • Budget Pe Charcha
  • Stock Warrior
  • Finance Quizzes
  • Panel Discussion Sessions
  • Online Simulation games
  • Mentoring for NISM & NCFM
  • Sectorial Financial Analysis
  • Expert Talk


Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ankur Sabharwal

It is the Marketing Club of Department of Management Studies. Its name is derived from two words: Mark (abbreviated name for Marketing) and Odyssey (epic journey). For marketing students, it is an interesting way of learning, sharing, and pragmatic considerations of marketing related competencies via active participation. Therefore Markodyssey signifies the journey of learning practical marketing skills which its participants would go through. The objective of the Marketing Club is to offer right platform and resources in order to inculcate required skills to build career in marketing via organizing marketing activities like ad-mad, marketing campaign, new advertisement Development, marketing quiz, brands analysis etc. under the banner of Marketing Club Department of management studies, PIET.

Following activities are regularly organized:

  • Ad-Mad Show
  • Panel Meet
  • Khandaan (Presentation on marketing strategies)
  • Marketing News Analysis
  • Case Study competition
  • New advertisement development
  • Marketing Quiz
  • Presentation on Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Fest
  • Panel Discussion on Emergence of E-Retailing
  • Business/ Marketing Plans
  • Market Hunters
  • Brand logo and label creation

Heads and Hands Club:

Faculty Mentor: Ms. Sonu Kumari

The HR Club at Department of Management Studies is popularly known as ‘Heads and Hands Club’.  The club name denotes two of the intense skills needed by human resource authorities of 21st century organizations; where ‘Heads’ represent ‘what and why’ and ‘Hands’ represent ‘skills and tools’ needed. Hence, the club primarily aims to enhance the employability skills of students in concerned domain. The club has a membership of MBA students from the HR domain as major specialization. The club intends to inculcate necessary skills by way of activities like mock interview sessions, role plays, quiz exercises etc. The analytical skills are also being aimed to be enhanced and developed via a series of lectures and demonstrations of HR Analytics.

Till date, the club has organized following activities:

  • HR Flashcard (A review quiz on basic HR Terminology)
  • The Talent Wiz (A team based quiz on specialized areas of HR Domain)
  • Group Discussions (On contemporary issues)
  • HR Tales (A hypothetical story creation based competition for teams)
  • The Brainstormers (Extempore online speech-situation based)
  • Quizone (Pictures based quiz on HR terminology and concepts)
  • HR Analytics (Lecture and demonstration series)
  • Role Play
  • Mock Recruitment & Selection Process
  • Hands on experience in live problems
  • The updated HR (best reader activity)

Human Resource (HR) Lab:
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Suman Dahiya

The Human Resource (HR) Lab is an initiative to empower and enhance the skills of students who have a dedicated inclination in the field of Human Resource Management.
The lab aims at enhancing the skills of students with relevant industry standard skills and practices, so as to make students ready with knowledge and exposure before they enter into the job market. The HR Lab is completely student driven and mentored by the HR faculty, Dr. Suman Dahiya, Associate Professor, DMS, PIET. The lab conducts various activities in an artificial setting ranging from workshops, simulation games and practical exercises throughout the year on the topics of HR planning, recruitment, selection, screening of resumes, personality tests, creation of Job descriptions and Job advertisements, making salary slips via software, competency mapping, designing a training calendar, etc.

Following activities are regularly organized:

  • Psychometric Testing (MBTI / 16 Personalities, SWOT Analysis)
  • Test Colour
  • DiSC Assessments – Career path
  • Berkeley Emotional Intelligence Test
  • Holland Code Career Test
  • Enneagram
  • PATH Assessment
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Training Calendar
  • Employee Engagement Simulation

Marketing Lab:
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Vikas Kumar Tyagi

With the increase in digitization amount of data is increasing, which needs to be analyzed to make any strategic decision. To make this possible and prepare students for the job market, the Marketing Lab was created by the Department of Management Studies, Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology (PIET). This Lab is an initiative to enhance students’ skills who have a dedicated inclination in Marketing and Sales and give them real life exposure to the tasks they have to do in marketing professional life. The Marketing Lab is mentored by the faculty, Dr Vikas Kumar Tyagi, Assistant Professor, DMS, PIET. The Lab conducts various activities ranging from group discussion, brainstorming, case study analysis, marketing decisions analysis, workshops, simulation games, and practical exercises throughout the year. Student evaluation is made based on participation in the activities, assignments, and case study writing.

Modules discussed:

Module 1

Discussions on the topics such as Jobs in Marketing, Skills required in marketing professionals, LinkedIn profile making, searching for jobs in marketing, resume making for the marketing jobs.

Module 2

Discussion on topics related to Digital Marketing — Traditional vs digital marketing, E-mail marketing, Google Analytics, Social Media Marketing, SEO, SEM, Content Marketing (Blogging), Social media marketing (social message).

Module 3

Basics of Marketing research (Survey and experimental) Using statistical tools (mainly Regression, ANOVA, Cluster analysis) for making marketing decisions, Text mining and sentiment analysis, Marketing budget activities, Promotional budget allocation, Market segmentation, Forecasting, Customer lifetime value calculations, Product life cycle; on the software such as Jamovi, Gretl, RStudio, MaxStat Lite, Excel, SPSS and their application in marketing (Data analysis)

Module 4

Capstone module covering the practical aspects such as Poster making on various applications, Video making and editing, Website creation, Blogging page creation, Affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, and actual promotional project.

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Himanshu Jain

PIET’s Department of Management Studies (DMS) has established the Financial Research & Training Lab (FRTL) with an objective to connect theory with practice.

The lab will aim at imparting the financial skills to students for jobs in investment banking, private equity and asset management companies, as well as giving them access to networking opportunities.

The lab is intended to supplement classroom learning through the use of technology and help students to grasp financial concepts related to trading, asset valuation, derivative securities and portfolio management.


  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Product Design and Testing
  • Executive Education
  • International/National Conferences, Workshops and Seminars


  • Financial Modeling for Business Decisions
  • Mock Trading
  • Business News Analysis
  • Live Case Studies
  • Lectures by Corporate experts & Eminent Academicians via Video conferencing
  • Indian Institute of Banking & Finance’s (IIBF) Diplomas
  • FRTL will develop a Platform of Investor Awareness and Education (PIAE), where PIETians will develop and deliver workshops for the awareness and education of the investors.
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