MBA @ PIET was established in retort to the mounting need that was felt for nurturing imminent managers who could efficiently manage worldwide growing industries. The programme is premeditated to aid students formalize ideas and gaze at them logically. A combination of rigorous research-based curriculum with an emphasis on real-life applications and the experiential knowledge pushes students to discover practical business solutions using the modus operandi that develop in and outside classroom during course duration.

This course imparts a panorama, enriching the students and encouraging them to think beyond their horizons, identify out-of-the-box solutions and challenge the status-quo. The focus here is not on producing business managers per se, but socially responsible business luminaries. MBA @ PIET witnesses a blend of seasoned professionals from a wide array of sectors such as manufacturing, telecommunication, retail & FMCG, banking, logistics, stock market & mutual funds to mention but a few.

The MBA programme at PIET has been designed keeping the following objectives in mind:


  • To provide comprehensive understanding of the corporate world.
  • To coalesce the theoretical concepts with pragmatic aspects of organizational milieu and knack of management.
  • To strengthen the conceptual and analytical abilities required for effective decision making.
  • To evolve with the dynamic and complex working environment.


  • Exhibit the Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes (KSA) indispensable to gain employment in the corporate sector.
  • Determine and appraise options for developing strategies in business world.
  • Apply a range of practical widget for being an entrepreneur.
  • Identify potential market opportunities in Indian and global scenario.
  • Identify and describe the ramifications of Indian business and finding its relevance in global business.
  • Analyze and evaluate the issues that arise out of the greater integration of the Indian economy and businesses with the global environment.


The basic thrust is on understanding the independent nature of organizational dynamics and its managerial implications.

In sync with its objective and thrust the department offers specializations in the following areas:

The Finance domain at Department of Management Studies, PIET offers a wide range of major and minor courses. The emphasis is to impart knowledge about the latest developments in the field of accounting and financial markets. Stock trading simulation and Finance lab adds value to the learning of students. Some of the subjects offered in Finance specialization include:

  • Derivatives Trading in India
  • Corporate Restructuring and Control
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Behavioral Finance
  • Portfolio Management
  • Insurance and Risk Management
  • Private Equity and Wealth Management

The Marketing Area offers a wide range of Major and Minor courses. The emphasis is to impart knowledge about the latest marketing trends to our aspiring managers and design courses with a strong industry interface. In the first year, students undertake courses to build the fundamentals of marketing and in the second year, a wide choice is offered in the chosen area of specialization. The Marketing domain continuously strives to support enhancing the learning space for the students with various activities. Simulation exercise and Marketing Lab. Some of the elective courses offered to the second year students include:

  • Digital and Social Media Marketing
  • Retail and Mall Management
  • Strategic Marketing
  • International Marketing
  • Service Marketing
  • Consumer Behaviour

The Human Resources Area is composed of faculty team with expertise in Human Resources Management, Industrial welfare and Labour relations, Organizational design, Interpersonal and Group process and Psychology. It offers elective courses which lays the foundation for an HR career. Various simulation exercise, games and HR Club keeps the learning environment vibrant. Some of the elective courses offered to the second year students include:

  • Management of Industrial Relations
  • Compensation and Reward management
  • Human Resource Metrics and Analytics
  • Group Dynamics and Leadership Excellence
  • Strategic HRM
  • Cross Cultural and Global HRM
  • Change Management and Organisational Development
  • Competency Mapping & Assessment Centres

With the world having turned into a global village and business across the globe becoming interconnected like never before, the importance of an MBA in International Business cannot be over-stated. International Business specialization offers a wide range of activity based real life learning like  live projects with Export houses, Workshops on EXIM  documentation.Some of the elective courses offered to the second year students include:

  • Export Import Procedures and Documentation
  • International Business Environment
  • International Marketing
  • Cross Cultural and Global Management

Long before Big Data and Analytics gained traction, PIET realized the value of Business Analytics and curated its curriculum to prepare students on the impact Data Analytics will have on the future of business. Keeping in sync with the changing business environment and with digital disruption massively changing the way businesses are being conducted globally, the Department of Management Studies also provides its students the opportunity to adopt specialization in Business analytics so that they develop decision making skills in the new business environment. With a huge interest and investment in Big Data technologies, professionals carrying the skills of Big Data Analytics are in huge demand, as organizations pay attractive incentives and packages for qualified professionals. Some of the elective courses offered in this specialization include:

  • Business Analysis using Excel
  • Econometrics for Business Forecasting
  • Business Data Mining
  • Decision Modeling and Data Analysis
  • Applied Multi-variant Analysis
  • Financial Modeling
  • Predictive Analysis for Business Decision
  • Data Analysis using Python

With technology providing a level playing field to small entrepreneurs vis-a-vis large corporate, new entrepreneur friendly policies of the union government and with automation in most industries poised to take away many traditional jobs, the current business environment provides a perfect opportunity for fresh business graduates to become job creators rather than job seekers.Hence, PIET keeping with its policy to provide the latest in education to its students offers a specialization in Entrepreneurship Development. This specialization is meant to equip students with the necessary knowledge, skills and networks required to become innovators and entrepreneurs. It builds in students the capability to create business ideas, build up these ideas into service and product offerings, and then design a commercial project to take business ideas to the market. Availability of incubation cell adds value to the real life exposure to the students. Some of the elective courses offered in this specialization include:

  • Enterprise Planning, Appraisal and Financing
  • Financial Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • MSMEs Policy Framework
  • Contemporary Environment in MSMEs
  • Creativity and New Venture Creation
  • Institutional Support to Entrepreneur & MSMEs
  • Family Business Management
  • Legal Framework for New Age Businesses


The demands posed by the corporate world on institutes providing Management education are dynamic and ever-changing. With a vision for creating managers who are well rounded and possessing skills which are currently considered of great value in the corporate world, the MBA programme has now also been equipped with value added courses which will be optional in nature. These will help fine tune student’s knowledge and skills in the areas which are most in-demand by the companies visiting for Campus Placements. This will also help students get exposure to those areas of Management Education which are not part of the traditional curriculum of the MBA programme. These include:

  • Certificate Course in Artificial Intelligence in Business
  • Certificate Course in Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • Certificate Course in Digital and Social Media Marketing
  • Certificate Course in Financial Modeling
  • Certificate Course in Production and Operations Management
  • Certificate Course in Export-Import Documentation
  • Certificate Course in Negotiation, Mediation, and Conflict Resolution
  • Certificate Course in Leadership and Team Management
  • Certificate Courses of NISM (National Institute of Securities Markets)
  • Certificate Courses of NCFM (NSE Academy’s Certification in Financial Markets)
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