About Us (MBA)

MBA @ PIET was established in retort to the mounting need that was felt for nurturing imminent managers who could efficiently manage worldwide growing industries. The programme is premeditated to aid students formalize ideas and gaze at them logically. A combination of rigorous research-based curriculum with an emphasis on real-life applications and the experiential knowledge pushes students to discover practical business solutions using the modus operandi that develop in and outside classroom during course duration.

This course imparts a panorama, enriching the students and encouraging them to think beyond their horizons, identify out-of-the-box solutions and challenge the status-quo. The focus here is not on producing business managers per se, but socially responsible business luminaries. MBA @ PIET witnesses a blend of seasoned professionals from a wide array of sectors such as manufacturing, telecommunication, retail & FMCG, banking, logistics, stock market & mutual funds to mention but a few.


  • To have comprehensive understanding of the corporate world.
  • To coalesce the theoretical concepts with pragmatic aspects of organizational milieu and knack of management.
  • To acquire conceptual and analytical abilities required for effective decision making.
  • To evolve with the dynamic and complex working environment.


The basic thrust is on understanding the independent nature of organizational dynamics and its managerial implications.


  • Exhibit the Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes (KSA) indispensable to gain employment in the corporate sector.
  • Determine and appraise options for developing strategies in business world.
  • Apply a range of practical widget for being an entrepreneur.
  • Identify potential market opportunities in Indian and global scenario.
  • Identify and describe the ramifications of Indian business and finding its relevance in global business.
  • Analyze and evaluate the issues that arise out of the greater integration of the Indian economy and businesses with the global environment.

As part of its drive to being a world-class organization, PIET is currently involved in enhancing the canvas of its internal and external competencies in terms of people and resources. Interaction with industry leaders, practitioners and professionals takes several forms in the Management Department of PIET. Internship in an organization for a period of 6-8 weeks is mandatory for all students. Periodical industry visits are arranged for students to help them gain an understanding of best practices in the real world.

Visits to The Reserve Bank of India (RBI), National Stock Exchange (NSE), Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI), Rashtrapati Bhavan, Hindustan Sanitaryware, LT Overseas, Danone-India, Parle-G, Mother Dairy, and many more are arranged for MBA students by Department of Management Studies, PIET.

PIET has an active incubation centre to encourage and nurture budding entrepreneurs. We strongly believe that it is as important to develop job-creators as it is to develop value-creators for organization.