Vision & Mission and Program Educational Objectives


To create globally competent professionals by imparting quality technical education, research aptitude and analytical skills to meet challenges in IT industry, thus contribute to the welfare of society.


M 01
To nurture students with knowledge and programming skills of different IT domains necessary for development and testing of quality software solutions.
M 02
To provide an integrated, responsive and comprehensive academic ecosystem with enhanced teaching and learning to promote intellect and excellence in research.
M 03
To mentor students with applied problem solving and critical thinking leading to innovative and sustainable solutions to societal problems.
M 04
To collaborate and exchange expertise with industry, research organizations and academic institutions

B.Tech. (IT): Program Educational Objectives

  • The graduates will have core competencies in IT fundamentals necessary to solve hardware, software and integrated engineering problems relevant to IT industries.
  • The graduates will be proficiently engaged in development of IT products and services to cater to the industry needs or perform as innovators or entrepreneurs.
  • The graduates will successfully pursue higher education or career paths in research.
  • The graduates will professionally function with social awareness, responsibility and ethical norms.
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