Information Technology

Time Table & Lecture Plan

Time Table-Current Session

Odd Semester
Even Semester

Lecture and Lab Plans-Current Session

Odd Semester

3rd Semester

Data Structure
Fundamental of Management
Object Oriented Programming with C++

5th Semester

Computer Organisation and Architecture
Energy Resources & Management
Internet and Web Technologies
Java Programming
Computer Graphics
Computer Networks

7th Semester

Cyber Laws & Ethics
Software Project Management
Complier Design

Even Semester

4th Semester

Basics of Communication
Discrete Mathematics
Operating System
Microprocessor Interfacing and Application
Database Management Systems
Universal Human Values II : Understanding Harmony
Microprocessor Interfacing and Application Lab
Operating Systems Lab
Database Management Systems Lab

6th Semester

Software Engineering
Linux Operating System
Big Data Analytics
Analysis & Design of Algorithms
Software Engineering Lab
Linux Lab

8th Semester

Cloud Computing
Cyber Security
Information Security
Mobile Application Development Lab
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