Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

Program Specific Outcomes

  • IT Engineers have the knowledge of Managing Industry, Database and Data inside the computers. They also know the Internet basics and advanced developing techniques. Proficient in Internal architecture of Computers and programming languages like C, C++, Java, .NET etc.
  • IT Engineers know that how digital computers work. They know the electrical technology, electronics and processing basics in the Computers. IT Engineers are proficient in Website developing and using Multimedia Tools. Fundamentals of Operating system are also well known to them.
  • IT Engineers know how the high level programming languages work inside the computers. How Compilers are designed to convert High Level Languages into Low Level Languages. Proficiency in Algorithms, Software Engineering and Networking is the key skill in IT Engineers.
  • IT Engineers have knowledge of Linux operating system. They are trained in Communication whether it is between the Computers, between the Mobiles or any other network. Project development is one of the most important features in IT Engineers.