Information Technology Labs

Information Technology Department is well-equipped with some of the most defined and technically modern laboratories to provide a superior level of practical education to its students. The laboratories are specifically designed with excellent facilities to meet the requirements of AICTE. Advanced equipments and hardware/softwares are added to the laboratories each year thus keeping them updated. We have Laboratories in the department namely:

Programming lab

The major role of this lab is to provide the high-quality fundamental knowledge of the programming language like C++ & JAVA language. The university concludes the Object oriented subject curriculum to afford the basic knowledge of computers in the initial course module for every trade. This lab contains volumes of latest and updated software for ‘C++ & JAVA’ language programming.


MATLAB (matrix laboratory) is a multi-paradigm numerical computing environment and fourth-generation programming language developed by MathWorks. MATLAB is a special purpose computer program optimized to perform engineering and scientific calculations. MATLAB allows matrix manipulations, plotting of functions and data, implementation of algorithms, creation of user interfaces, and interfacing with programs written in other languages, including C, C++, C#, Java, FORTRAN and Python.


To design and develop Windows-based business applications using Visual Basic.NET programs that meet commercial programming standards. Grade you according to commercial standards. To learn event  based programming. VB supports programming projects that run in both: Microsoft Windows and Web (Internet) environments.

Networking Lab

This lab is being designed with aim of exploring the basic concepts related to computer networking which provides the physical connectivity of computers. This lab provides the platform to know the data connectivity, data transfer and data security along with hands-on practical experience and soft-skills enhancement. The Computer Networks Laboratory is devoted to the development of new methodologies and tools for Internet-centered computer networks.

Database lab

This lab is being designed with aim of exploring the basic concepts of the database management system (DBMS) which is used for managing data. This lab contains Oracle, SQL server and HSQDB database application. All students are capable to apply SQL command on these databases. This lab is being designed with aim of exploring the basic concepts of the simulation of the different aspects of the computer science.

Web Technology lab

Web Technology which helps the students to be familiar with the web of globalization. This lab work with various tools/languages to achieve this functionality such as – HTML, XHTML & CSS & JAVAScript. This lab is being designed with aim of exploring the basic concepts.

Software Engineering Lab

This course helps to understand theories, methods, and technologies applied for professional software development. To find practical solutions to the problems solve specific problems alone or in teams, manage a project from beginning to end work independently as well as in teams define, formulate and analyse a problem. Rational Rose is tool with the help of which all experiments are performed.

Mobile Comunication Lab

Learning the use of equipment to measure parameters of the physical layer of radio communications systems and instrumentation for the analysis of the operation of terminals and mobile communication networks. To acquire a working knowledge of the operation of the main technologies and mobile communication systems (2G/3G/4G cellular networks).   Developing the ability to identify, analyse and solve engineering problems in the context of mobile communication systems. Developing the ability to perform simulations or experiments and evaluate the results, compare results with theoretical and practical performance evaluation in controlled environments or actual radio communications systems. Learning to use commercial tools used in the planning, design and performance analysis of mobile communication systems.

Server-Side Programming Lab

This course provides a solid foundation for the concepts of server-side programming, using a current server-side programming/scripting language. Provide comprehensive coverage of a server-side scripting language, sessions, security, and considerations related to implementing efficient and maintainable server-side applications. Develop the ability to securely incorporate databases into real-world web applications. Students will learn to program in one current server side scripting language. Students will have the skills to develop a secure, real-world server side application which interacts with a database.


To familiarize students with the Linux environment and basic linux administration.  It provides fundamentals of shell scripting/programming. After completion of the course students will be able to work confidently in Unix/Linux environment, write shell scripts to automate various tasks and master the basics of linux administration.

Graphics & Multimedia Lab

The Main objective of Computer Graphics Lab is to make aware different drawing and animation tools to draw and produce effects in the objects. Students generally implement the CG program by using C/C++ Programing language. To understand the basics of Multimedia technology and representation of audio, video and images in the computer. To have deep knowledge of Multimedia file systems and Information models. To learn about Multimedia communication system and animation.

AI Lab

In AI Lab, Students study about the PROLOG-Programing in Logic. PROLOG is a Programing Language centered around a small set of basic mechanisms, including pattern matching, tree based data structuring and automatic backtracking. PROLOG is a programing language for symbolic and non-numeric computation. It is especially well suited for solving problems that involves objects and relations between objects.

Data Structure Lab

The objective of this lab is to teach students various data structures and to explain them algorithms for performing various operations on these data structures. This lab complements the data structures course. Students will gain practical knowledge by writing and executing programs in C using various data structures such as arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, graphs, hash tables and search trees.

Hardware Lab

This lab is being designed with aim of exploring the operation of a personal computer, its organization, common terminology, and hands-on experience with real computers. It will build a base of knowledge that will provide the students with a solid foundation for using the personal computer. The basic aim of this lab is to familiar the students with operating systems installation and organization, and basic hardware troubleshooting, upgrades, and the essential concepts of networking.

The objective of this lab is to provide students with hands-on experience in Hardware’s, Software’s and Operating systems. This Lab is used for PC Assembly/Disassembly and HW/SW troubleshooting. It provides the knowledge about how to configure computer peripherals.