Department Conducted Conferences / FDPs / Seminars / Guest Lecture / Workshops


The Conference which was organized under the Aegis of INDIAN COUNCIL OF SOCIAL SCIENCE RESEARCH on Friday, 29th March, 2019 was witness to over 130 Papers being presented by Research Scholars and Academicians from leading Universities/Colleges across India and the Globe. The Paper themes and the concepts were related to the various aspects of an INTELLIGENT SYSTEM namely Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Innovations, Physical Sciences and several other trending concepts in the specified domain. The objective behind a Conference of this Nature was to understand the developments and the qualitative research, being undertaken by Scholars and Researchers across the functional area of an INTELLIGENT SYSTEM. At the conclusion of the Conference 88 Research Papers were identified by the distinguished jury for Publishing. The Conference saw the Champions from the field of Technology and Research converge at a common platform and share their thoughts and experience. To mention the dignitaries present: Chief Guest(Inaugural ceremony)- Dr. K.K. Aggarwal, Chairman, NBA, Key Note Speaker- Dr. Jitender Kumar Chhabra, NIT, Kurukshetra, Chief Guest(Valedictory session)- Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Chairman, DCSA, KU. Session Chairs- Dr. Suchita Upadhyaya, DCSA, KU, Dr. A.K.Mohapatra, IGDTU, Delhi, Dr. V.P. Singh, CSED, Thapar University, Dr. Rajan Sharma, CU, Dr. T.P. Singh, BMU, Rohtak, Dr. Meenakshi Sharma, CU, Dr. Apash Roy, LPU, Dr. Amar Singh, LPU, Dr. Dinesh Verma, PIET, Dr. Vinay Khatri, PIET, Dr. Vijay Kaushik, PIET and Dr. Suman Arora, PIET. Panipat Institute of Engineering, as has been it’s wont over the years shall continue to organize such Conferences/Seminars/Conclaves in the future thereby creating a “ SYMBIOTIC” Learning Environment for the Academia and the Student community at Large.


Session 2018-2019

  • 3-days Faculty Development Program on “Soft Computing Applications to Design of Intelligent Systems” (FDPIS-2019) was hosted from 18th to 20th July 2019 in Computer Science and Engineering Department. Varoius Topics related to Soft Computing Methodologies such as Fuzzy Logic, ANNs and Search and Optimization Approaches were discussed for the design of Intelligent Systems by the eminent speakers of the subject.
  • Faculty Development program from 20-24th May 2019 organized by DELL EMC COE Computer Science & Engineering Department. 20 Faculty members were registered in the FDP. Ms. Navpreet Kaur was Technical Trainer from ICT Academy. Faculties from CSE, IT and MCA department participating in this program.

Session 2016-2017

3 Cyber Security and Forensic Tools PIET NITTTR 1WEEK 2017 35 6


4  Intellectual Property Rights and Patent Filing Procedure PIET HCST 1DAY 2017 35 8



Workshops / Webinars / Guest Lectures

Session 2018-19

S. No. Topic Activity done Date-Month-Year Resource Person
1 Mobile Multimedia Internet One week International Workshop 06-08-2018 Dr. Sheshdhri Mohan
2 Cyber Security Phase-I Workshop 11-09-2018 Mr. Palash Verma, Cyberops Jaipur
3 Cyber Security: Hacking and Encryption Workshop 04-10-2018 Mr. Bhupen
4 5G IEEE Workshop 23-10-2018 Mr. Ashutosh Dutta
5 Angular JS, Python Expert Lecture 25-10-2018 Mr. Ram Kumar Gupta
6 Google Cloud AI Webinar 15-11-2018 Mr. Diane Greene, CEO Google Cloud
7 Virtual Cloud Computing Expert Lecture 29-12-2018 Mr. Pankesh Kumar
8 Cyber Security Phase-II One week Workshop 07-01-2019 Mr. Palash Verma, Cyberops Jaipur
9 Transformational Leadership in Digital Era Expert Lecture 08-01-2019 Mr. Anand Mahindra, Chairman Mahindra Group
10 Intelluctual Property Right Webinar 10-01-2019 Mr. Varun
11 Planning for career Expert Lecture 24-01-2019 Dr. Anand Deshpande, Chairman & MD Persistent Systems Ltd.
12 Plagiarism Expert Lecture 16-04-2019 Dr. Sanjay Tyagi, Professor, DCSA KUK
13 Future of Tehnical Educatrion in India Webinar 22-04-2019 Dr. Anil Sahasrabudhe, Chairman, AICTE

Session 2017-18

S. No. Topic Activity done Date-Month-Year Resource Person
1 Cloud Computing Expert Lecture 25-08-2017 Mr. Sumit Dahiya (IM) Orange Business Services
2 Cyber Security Expert Lecture 09-09-2017 Mr. Avdhesh Sharma,(MD) Detecvision Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
3 Web Development Expert Lecture 22-09-2017 Mr. Vijay Arora (MD) Studio45 creations
4 Big Data Expert Lecture 14-10-2017 Mr. Bhuvan Pahuja (Engineer) American Express
5 IOT: Internet of Things Expert Lecture 27-10-2017 Mr. Vipul Ashri (Technical Lead) HCL
6 Artificial Intelligence Expert Lecture 10-11-2017 Mr. Abhishek Rana (SSE) Accenture India
7 Nano Technology Expert Lecture 23-11-2017 Ms. Jyoti Pannu (Team Lead) HCL
8 Embedded System Expert Lecture 23-01-2018 Mr. Peeyush Gera (Project Manager) DXL Technology
9 Software Development Quality Assurance Expert Lecture 02-02-2018 Mr. Mayank Rastogi (QA) PTC
10 Ruby On Rails Expert Lecture 16/2/2018 Rajesh Singla(Technical Associate) Planify
11 Search Engine Optimization Expert Lecture 24-02-2018 Mr. Rahul (Digital Marketing Specialist) Sapient
12 5G and Its evolution Expert Lecture 16-03-2018 Mr. Yatin (Team Controller) XO Communication
13 PHP and Database Expert Lecture 19/3/2018 Ms. Anju
14 Software Testing and Validation Expert Lecture 30-03-2018 Mr. Vedant Garg (LPV Engineer) Cadence Design System
15 Social Marketing and Its Benefits Expert Lecture 14-04-2018 Mr. Deepak Sachdeva (Software Developer) HIKE
16 Cyber Security Expert Lecture 20-04-2018 Mr. Palash Verma (Cyber Security Analyst) Cyberops

Session 2016-17 

S. No. Topic Activity done Date-Month-Year Resource Person
 1. Cloud Integrator And Teachers Training Expert Lecture 02-09-2016 Mr. Tarachand (CEO) Milestone Achievers
2. Meanstack Expert Lecture 07/09/16 Mr. Pankesh Kumar (Technical Consultant) Xenon
 3. Business Analytics Expert Lecture 14-09-2016 Mr. Dinesh K. Dhiman (BI Architect) IBM Software Group (ISL)
 4. Research In SAP,CC, Big Data Expert Lecture 23-09-2016 Mr. Sourav (Researcher) Sourav EntrepreneurYamuna Nagar
5. Machine learning using python Expert Lecture 12/10/16 Mr. Ram K. Gupta (Senior Manager) Intellisys Labs
 6. Workshop Virtual Lab Expert Lecture 03-02-2017 Mr. Prateek Sharma (Research Associate) IIT, Delhi
7. Cloud Computing Expert Lecture 09/03/17 Mr. Ram K. Gupta (Senior Manager) Intellisys Labs
 8. Professional Societies Expert Lecture 12-04-2017 Dr. M.N.Hoda (Director) BVICAM
 9. Professional Excellence & Personality Development Expert Lecture 11-05-2017 Dr. Rajesh Aggarwal (Professor) NIT KKR

Session 2015-16

S. No. Topic Activity done Date-Month-Year Resource Person
 1. Ethical Hacking Expert Lecture 22-08-2015 Mr. Pankaj Bishnoi (Senior Network Security Analyst) Royal Bank of Scotland
 2. PL/SQL Database Expert Lecture 19-09-2015 Mr.Pankaj Girdhar (Senior Developer) CTS
 3. Java Script Angular Expert Lecture 26-09-2015 Mr. Vipul Sharma (Senior Software Developer) Paytm
 4. Software Testing Expert Lecture 10-10-2015 Mr. Amit Kamra (Team Lead) Accenture
 5. Future Networks Expert Lecture 21-11-2015 Mr. Jayant Batra (Senior Manager) British Telecom
 6. Testing Expert Lecture 06-02-2016 Mr.Ravinder Bhatia (Team Lead) Inter Globe Technology
 7. Software Solutions Expert Lecture 13-02-2016 Mr. Nivesh Gupta (Associate Business Analyst) OATI
 8. Networking Expert Lecture 12-03-2016 Mr. Parveen Saini (Network Administrator) Raj Sons Design
 9. Research in Network Security Expert Lecture 19-03-2016 Mr. Ved.P.Mishra (A.P) Amity
 10. ABAP Expert Lecture 09-04-2016 Mr. Anil Sharma (Software Developer) HCL
 11. Networking Expert Lecture 16-04-2016 Mr. Sumit Dahiya (Team Lead) Orange
 12. Cloud Computing Expert Lecture 23-04-2016 Mr. Robin (Team Lead) Infinity