Department Activities

Industrial Visits
S. No Company name & address Date of Visit Class No. of students accompanied No. of faculty accompanied
1 UNTIL India Limited 15-11-2019 3rd Year, 4th Year 45 2
2 Cloudsmartz, Sector 67, Mohali 3-Aug-2019 2nd Year 50 3
3 Sebiz Infotech Ltd., Sector 67, Mohali 16-02-2018 3rd Year 39 3
4 MCN Solutions, Sector 63, Noida 13-11-2017 3rd Year, 4th Year 45 3
5 CSIR-CSIO Chandigarh 28-02-2017 3rd Year, 4th Year 65 3

Other Activities

  • On the occasion of National Technology Day, a seminar on “Artificial Intelligence for All” was organized on Saturday, 11th May 2019 at the APJ Abdul Kalam Auditorium. The keynote speaker of the seminar was Mr. Shakti Kumar, Director, PIET. Faculty and students became the part of this interesting seminar as in this current era everything is revolving around Intelligent Systems or Artificial Intelligence.
  • On 15th November, 2018, A webinar is conducted by Ms. Anju Gandhi and Ms. Anshul in CSE Department covering all the emerging Artificial Intelligence, IOT and Big Data.
  • On 21st-22nd October, 2018 SOT was conducted in CSE Department by Ms.Shakti and Ms. Mandeep in CSE Lab.
  • On 4th October, 2018 a workshop on “Cyber Security” is conducted by CYBER OPS. This workshop includes a presentation and practical aspects of HACKING & ENCRYPTION and it is delivered by Mr. Bhupen and Mr. Pailash.

Activities under Computer Society of India (CSI)

S.No Event Name Type of Activity Date No of Participants Judges (If Any)
1 Logo Making Competition Competition 16th October, 2019 45
2 Brainstorming Quiz and A Hands-On Session about the Booming Technologies in Industries!!! Quiz and Practical Session 4th October, 2019 95
3 Yogyata-II Round -4 Personal Interview 16th November, 2018 9 Dr. B.B. Sharma
4 Aagaz Metro City Walk (With Slum Children to Make their Diwali A Happy Diwali) 28th October, 2018 N/A Ms.
Ms. Shakti Nagpal Shivani Gaba
5 Yogyata-II Round -3 Group Discussion 27th October, 2018 40 Mr. Sunny Kuhar
Mr. Gaurav Ghambir
Mr. Sumit Rana
Mr. Karun Handa
6 Yogyata-II General Quiz 25th October, 2018 62 Online Test
7 Live Ethical Hacking Workshop Workshop 17th October, 2018 66 Workshop
8 Yogyata-II
Round -1
(B.Tech., BCA,BBA,MCA)
Aptitude Test 10th October, 2018 678 OMR Sheets
9 Technation Project Exhibition 48  Groups Of Projects Participated Dr. S.C. Gupta, Dr. B. B . Sharma & Dr. Vikram Bali
10 Kaun Banega Champion Quiz 15th September, 2017 300 Students Particpated Sh. Rakesh Tayal & Dr. K.K Paliwal
11 Inauguration of Student Chapter of CSI Inaugural Event 12th April 2017 CSI Students Members Chief Guests: Prof. Dr. M.N. Hoda & Dr. R.K. Vyas
12 Student Chapter Certificate CSI Student Chapter 23rd March 2017 CSI Students Co-Ordinators
13 2 Day Workshop On Ethical Hacking Harshit Sharma CSE 3rd Year 8th March 2017 100 CSE First Year Students
14 Essay Writing Creative Writing 27th February, 2017 25 Students
15 Industrial Visit CSIO-CSIR, Chandigarh 28th February, 2017 98 Students And 5 Faculty Members
16 Art Attack Drawing  And Painting Competition 10th February, 2017 65 Students Dr. B.B. Sharma, Dr. S.C. Gupta Ms. Priyanka & Dr. Vikram Bali
17 Voice of PIET Finalle Singing Competion 26th January, 2017 4 Dr. Yoginder Kataria & Dr. S.S. Deora
18 Investiture Ceremony Batch Distribution To All The Post Holders 19th Jan 2017 8 By Management Piet
19 Voice of Piet Finalle Singing Competion Registration: 12th – 17th November, 2016
Voting: 18th – 24th November, 2016
21 Online Upload Video And Get Maximum Comments
20 Children’s Day Celebration Visit To Blind Institute Panipat 14th November, 2016 More Than 100
21 Aagaz Metro City Walk (With Slum Children To Make Their Diwali A Happy Diwali) 28th October, 2016 60
22 Rangoli Competition Cultural Activity 27th October, 2016 28 Teams : 56 Students Mr. Suresh Tayal, Dr. KK Paliwal, Dr. Vikram Bali & Ms. Priyanka
23 Yogyata-Round -4 (For 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Year) Personal Interview 27th October, 2016 10 Qualifies Students Dr. B.B. Sharma & Dr. Suresh Gupta
24 Yogyata- Round -3 (For 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Year) Group Discussion 27th October, 2016 61 Qualified Students Dr. Vikram Bali, Dr. Suresh Gupta & Dr. Yoginder Kataria
25 Yogyata- Round -2 (For 2nd ,3rd ,4th Year) General Quiz 27th October, 2016 OMR Sheets
26 Yogyata- Round -2 (For 1st Year) General Quiz 25th October, 2016 164 Qualified Students OMR Sheets
27 Yogyata- Round -1 (For B.Tech.) Aptitude Test 19th October, 2016 394 OMR Sheets
28 Yogyata-Round -1 (For BCA, BBA MCA) Aptitude Test 18th October, 2016 238 OMR Sheets
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