Computer Science & Engineering (Cyber Security)

Consultancies, Innovations and Research Publications

S.No. Name Title Application No. Design no. Grant
1 Dr. Shakti Arora Touch Free Sensor Device for Automatic Water Dispense 385778-001 YES
2 Dr. Shakti Arora Cooler Assembly 379306-001 YES
3 Dr. Shakti Arora Nebulizer Chamber for Asthma Patients 379623-001 YES
4 Ms. Pooja Dahiya Internet of Things Based Air Quality Monitoring Device 390069-001 YES
5 Dr. Shakti Arora A System and Method for Integrating Genomic Data with Clinical Information for Personalized Treatment Decisions 202311076053 YES
6 Dr. Shakti Arora An AI-Based System for Virtual Screening for Drug Candidates and Method Thereof 202311062413 YES
Book Chapters
Name of the Author(s) Title of the book/ chapters published Year of Pub. ISBN/ISSN number Name of the publisher
Dr. Shakti Arora Adoption of Blockchain Technology for Storage and Verification of Educational Documents 2022 Springer
Dr. Shakti Arora One-Way Cryptographic Hash Function Securing Networks. 2022 Springer,
Dr. Shakti Arora Proceedings of Academia-Industry Consortium for Data Science. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, 2022 Springer,
Dr. Shakti Arora An Intelligent IoT Enabled ­ Hydroponics System for round the Year Cultivation of Vegetables,Green Internet of Things for Smart Cities 2021   Scopus
Dr. Shakti Arora Machine Learning: A tool to Combat Covid-19, Enabling Healthcare 4.0 for Pandemics 2021 Scoups
Dr. Shakti Arora Covid-19 & Higher Education in India 2020 978-81-947590-0-3  National Press Associates
Dr. Shakti Arora  A variant of secret sharing protected with Poly-1305Studies in Computational Intelligence 2019 1860949-X Springer
Dr. Shakti Arora Artificial­­­ intelligence and Virtual Assistant – Working Model and Comparative Analysis. 2019 Springer Book Mobile Radio Communications & 5G Networks.
Dr. Shakti Arora Green Internet of Things (G-IoT) Application: AI Based Smart Farming, in Green Internet of Things for Smart Cities 978-1003032397 CRC Press
Dr. Shakti Arora An Intelligent IoT Enabled – Hydroponics System for Round the Year Cultivation of Vegetables. In Internet of Things and Businesses in a Disruptive Economy. 978-1-53618-958-2 Scopus Indexed
Dr. Shakti Arora Role of Machine Learning and AI- Fight against CoV-19 – 147-155 17 The Spanish Flu 1918 and COVID-19: Education, Media & Law Practices during the COVID Pandemic 978-81-942547-4-4
International Conference
Name of the Author(s) Title of the Paper Name of the Conference Year of Pub. ISBN/ISSN Number of the Proceeding
Shakti Arora Adaption of blockchain technology for storage & verification of educational documents Springer International conference on Data, Engineering & applications 2023
Shakti Arora A secured automated Attendance Management System implemented with Secret Sharing Algorithm Sixth IEEE International Conference on Parallel, Distributed and Grid Computing (PDGC) 2020 doi: 10.1109/PDGC50313.2020.9315854
Shakti Arora Indian Health Care System is Ready to Fight Against COVID-19 A Machine Learning Tool for Forecast the Number of Beds IEEE International Conference on Parallel, Distributed and Grid Computing (PDGC) 2020 1.      doi: 10.1109/PDGC50313.2020.9315825.
Shakti Arora
Shakti Arora Brain tumour segmentation-An application of image processing, advances and applications in mathematics science 2020 pp.889-898
Shakti Arora Artificial intelligence and virtual assistant—working model Lecture Notes in Networks and System Scopus – Elsevier 2021 Part of ISBN: 23673389 23673370
Shakti Arora An optimized cloud architecture for integrity verification Journal of computational and Theoretical Nanoscience Scopus – Elsevier 2019 Part of ISBN: 15461963 15461955
Shakti Arora Machine Learning Model to Predict and Map Happiness Index with Growth Rate in TEQIP–III sponsored E-International conference on Socio-Economic and Health Challenges 2020
Shakti Arora Covid19: Global Voices International E-conference 2020
Shakti Arora Indian Tourism Industry-A Study on Impact Of COVID-19 5th Technical Session of the First Online International Conference on Marketing and Society July 23rd, 2020
Shakti Arora An Early Review: -How to Fight Cov-19 with Machine Learning 1st International E-Conference on Engineering Science, Technology and Management (IECSTM-2020) 28th June 2020
Shakti Arora Design and Development of Fuzzy Based Complex Machine Learning Models: Two Soft Computing Approaches International Conference on Advances in Data Science Challenges with Big Data Analysis 05 February, 2022
Shakti Arora Artificial Neural Network a Review of Application of Neural Network International Conference on Innovation and trends to support make in India 2017
Vivek Dabra Decrypting homomorphism International Conference on Computing Communication Control and automation 2016 DOI: 10.1109/ICCUBEA.2016.7860074


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