Computer Science & Engineering (AI & DS)

Time Table & Lecture Plan

Time Table-Current Session

Odd Semester
Even Semester

Lecture and Lab Plans-Current Session

Odd Semester

3rd Semester

Business Intelligence and Entrepreneurship
Data Structures and Algorithm
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Mathematics for Big Data & Optimization
Object Oriented Programming
Programming Languages

5th Semester

Artificial Neural Networks
Computer Network
Computer Architecture
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Machine Learning using Python
Theory of Computation

7th Semester

Data Mining & Predictive Modelling
Business Intelligence and Data Visualization
Cyber Law & Ethics
Human AI Interaction
Universal Human Values

Even Semester

4th Semester

Bayesian Data Analysis
Data Base Management Systems
Data Science and R Programming
Environmental Sciences
Operating System

6th Semester

Applied Machine Learning
Big Data Analytics
Compiler Design
Soft Computing

8th Semester

Application of Data Science in Industry
Agile Software Engineering
Next Generation Databases
Reinforcement Learning
Entrepreneurship and Start-ups
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