Computer Science & Engineering (AI & DS)

Student Skill Courses

Details of the students who have completed the NPTEL courses
S. No. Session NPTEL Course Name Duration Students Registered Completed
1 2021-22 Cloud Computing 12 Weeks 1 1
2 2023-24 Data Science for Engineers 8 weeks 1 1
Online Certificate Details of IBM Courses, ORACLE certification & other courses
S.No. Course Name of Students
1 Agile Training Module Vastav Tailwal, Sujal Sethi, Manvi Kamboj, Shivam Rana
2 Data Science Tools Vastav Tailwal
3 Design Thinking Vastav Tailwal, Sujal Sethi, Shivam Rana
4 DevOps Fundamentals Vastav Tailwal,Sujal Sethi
5 IBM Cloud Fundamental Sujal Sethi
6 Introduction to python Sujal Sethi,Manvi Kamboj,Shivam rana,Ridham
7 Python 101 for Data Science Riya,Devanshi Munjal
8 Database Programming with SQL Vastav Tailwal, Sujal Sethi, Manvi Kamboj, Shivam Rana
9 Python For data Science Riya
10 Data Science Shivam Rana, Manvi Kamboj
11 Deep Learning Vastav tailwal
12 Machine Learning Vastav tailwal
13 Foundation Workshop on Data Science Sujal Sethi
14 Web development with Teachnook Akshat Chawla
15 Become a data scientist: Statistics for data science Ashika
16 Excel for data science for beginners Ashika
17 Innovating with data and google cloud Ashika
18 Digital Transformation with google cloud Ashika
Students participated in Spoken Tutorial (IIT Bombay): FOSS online tests
S.No. Course Name Date of Examination Class Total Number of Students
1 C & CPP 8 Dec.2023 2 year 92
2 Python 11 Dec.2023 3 year 25
3 Python 8 Dec.2023 4 year 36
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