About us-Department of Computer Science & Engineering (AI & DS)

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering with specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (DS) is a 4 year programme for the students who have interest in data science. This programme develops skills in students to perform data analysis which is a critical part in various real-world applications. Data Science has arisen as quite possibly the most high-development, dynamic, and rewarding professions in innovation these days. This course is not only aimed to provide core technologies like machine learning , data warehouse, data mining and artificial intelligence; but it also gives in depth inputs in areas like artificial neural networks, fuzzy techniques, big data analytics and many The main intention of this programme is to prepare students to become industry ready and knowledgeable, to pursue careers as data analysts, data scientists, who can solve major problems related in the field of machine learning, statistics, knowledge discovery, and visualization skills.

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science, Students are transformed to industry ready professionals by building smart machines with cutting edge technologies.

To meet this need of the hour, PIET institute is stepping towards inculcating the required skills in our students to be the future Data Scientist, Data Engineer or Business Analyst.

Approved Intake

The approved intake of the programme is 120 students


The programme is affiliated with Kurukshetra University.

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