About Us (Comp.Apps)

Computer Applications courses MCA continue to be a growing industry as indicated by the current demand for Post Graduates. The Department of Computer Applications was set up with the aim of nourishing the students into highly skilled Post Graduates possessing extensive knowledge in the field of Computer Applications. We aid to prepare students for careers as professional engineers through an education in fundamental principles presented in the context of real application and design. A palpable excitement surrounds the Department of Computer Applications, the enthusiasm pervades in every classroom and lab, invigorating our students and spurring our faculty on to adapt and innovate and ensure success in a growing market. In an age when Computers play a major role in daily life and the promise of nano technology is coming to fruition, it truly is a great time to be a part of Computer Application Courses. Liaison with industry, major research establishments, and learned societies ensures that courses continue to meet the emerging needs of the profession. The department is well equipped with all the gadgets, instruments and softwares required for experiments. Project work throughout the course underpins the necessity for a combination of practical and theoretical skills and abilities. The department provides six months Project training programme in different latest technologies in campus  to give the students comprehensive theoretical and practical background so that they are constantly aware of the rapid changes taking place in the world of technology.