About Us (Department Of Civil Engineering)

Civil engineering is identified as a key discipline that deals with the design, construction and maintenance of the entire physical and naturally built environment. Civil engineers are basically engaged in the design and construction of various public works including canals, water reservoirs plants, hydropower dams for irrigation and domestic water requirements, modes of transport i.e. roads, bridges and railways that accounts for the need of economic growth of any country. At large, the progress of any country or civilization depends directly or indirectly on civil engineering.

Thus, to meet out the growing needs of competent and multi-dimensional requirement of design and construction, our Institute offers B.Tech. for aspiring civil engineers. We provided courses in a highly innovative academic environment where hi-tech ideas of construction have been applied in-house resulting into extra comfort& hygiene.

Labs: – Fluid Mechanics Structural Mechanics Surveying Transportation Engineering Soil Mechanics Concrete Technology Environmental Engineering Computer Aided design

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