About Us (Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities)

Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities, camped in G Block, imparts excellent and quality education in the area of Applied Sciences & Humanities for the future technocrats of all streams. Applied Science and Humanities is a bridge that connects pure & basic sciences like Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biotechnology, and subjects of humanities with engineering practices. The PIET campus offers spacious, ventilated, and well-equipped laboratories to enrich learning and reinforce concepts across engineering disciplines.

The Physics Labs and Chemistry labs are equipped with the latest devices and instruments. The state-of-the-art Language Lab enables the students to improve their LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) skills, the passage towards enhancing employability.

New classrooms are developed in such a way that they can be easily moulded for flip learning and group discussion halls with many whiteboards for different groups. Smartboards/ digital boards with latest technologies and wi-fi facilities are available in each and every classroom for better learning process for students. The Department conducts flip learning, as a primary teaching method to stimulate critical thinking and explore in-depth key concepts of the course.

Easy test, M-tutor, Plickers card are used for objective tests. Teachers focus on teaching through their own youtube and telegram channels to teach so that they can support not only Pietians but other learners as well. Digital mode of teaching was focused by teachers during adverse situation to reach their students so that learning won’t get affected. They learned to teach online through different apps like team’s app, google meet, zoom app, web meet along with use of digital pad, power point presentations and animated videos.

Research lab and idea lab are established for the upliftment of the students while focusing on the research and innovation aspect so as to pave way for a bright future of the young aspirants. Students are given exposure at the initial stages by focusing on their ideas and projects by implementing them into reality in the labs already established in the campus. Students are encouraged and motivated time to time by giving exposure through various workshops, seminars, and exhibitions. They get the platform to participate in various events like Ideathon, Toycathon and Smart Idea Hackathons of national and international relevance. Deserving candidates are further provided with opportunities to scan in 3d, paint in 3d so that they get to know about new emerging technologies.

A 3D Seminar Hall is developed to make teaching and learning more effective, interactive, and computerized. The purpose is to replace traditional methods of didactic teaching with a demonstration through 3D tutorials to inculcate 4.0 and advanced learning methodology.


Applied Sciences & Humanities department is well-equipped with the most defined and technically modern common laboratories to provide a superior level of practical education to its students. These laboratories are specifically designed with excellent facilities to meet the requirements of AICTE. PIET keeps on updating its laboratories by adding advanced instruments from time to time.


Chemistry of basic and applied nature is taught to the fresher students.  The department has an advanced chemistry laboratory where experiments are conducted to strengthen basic concepts in Applied, organic, inorganic and physical chemistry. Students are familiarized with the various techniques and experimentation in analytical and environmental chemistry which includes study related to water chemistry, corrosion, and fuel etc.  The chemistry laboratory has various sophisticated instruments and facilities for all experiments. The environmental chemistry deals with the study of various chemical phenomena taking place in the environment which includes environmental chemistry in engineering, study related to water chemistry, corrosion and fuel etc.  Applied Chemistry covers the good foundation for all B.Tech students; whereas organic chemistry forms the basis for Chemical and Textile engineering students.  Besides basic undergraduate experimentation facilities for environmental analysis particularly water analysis are available.


Realizing the importance of Professional Communication for engineering students we try to nurture the student’s personality and communication skills. To enhance the communication skills we have a communication lab fully equipped with Audio and Video Devices, electronic equipments and other communication gazettes handy for the students. Lab has many updated softwares like sanako, tense tester, sky pronounciation, job edge etc. to meet the corporate requirements of students.  These interactive features enable students to engross themselves in the language activities in their own style.

Thus, our Communication Lab provides comprehensive placement assistance to the students from Resume writing to attending interviews. Moreover, the video and audio content stored and supplemented with the software help the students to improve their pronunciation & educate the learners in a very practical way. English faculties facilitate the language lab activities when students visit the lab. A lab demonstrator is available during the college hours to help the students in need of technical assistance.

HARDWARES: HP Desktop 2480, Dual Core based configuration, 320 GB HDD, 4GB RAM, DVD Combo Drive, 18.5″ TFT, HP Optical Mouse, Keyboard.

SOFTWARES: Study 1200 Language Lab Software, Sanako Pronounce, Everyday English, Soft Skills and Personality Development Program/Job Edge, Sky Pronunciation, Tense Tester, E-Learn To Speak Software, Clarity Software, Grammar Spell Checker Software


The department has two Physics laboratories (EMT Lab and SEMICONDUCTOR Physics Lab) with 16 experimental set-ups to focus on the fundamental Science in the Physical processes. We focus on imparting practical as well as theoretical knowledge of the subject which includes the application of electricity and magnetism. The laboratory has sophisticated equipment for Hall Effect, e/m Helical methods, four Probe, Lenz’s  law verification, Biot – Savart’s law verification, He-Ne laser and Stewart and Gee’s and many more experiments. Thus, we impart all round knowledge of Physics at the fundamental level.


The computers are the backbone of education. To meet the requirements of the students of all the departments ASH offers computer laboratory for a practical exposure and its basic operations essential for the fresher students. The Laboratory is well equipped with latest computers and is used to handle the lab sessions.

Computer Practice Laboratory focuses on teaching the C programming language. The nature of C language is emphasized in the wide variety of programs. With the knowledge of C language, the students are benefitted with the means of writing efficient, maintainable, and portable code.


The Basics of Communication is a value-added course that holds immense significance for engineering students. Communication is a vital skill for any professional, and it becomes even more critical for engineering students as they are required to communicate complex technical ideas to different stakeholders such as clients, colleagues, and management.
The course aims to provide engineering students with an in-depth understanding of various communication methods and techniques. It covers the fundamentals of effective communication, including written and oral communication, non- verbal communication, and interpersonal communication. Students will also learn how to develop and deliver presentations, manage conflicts, and communicate in diverse teams.
Effective communication is essential for career success, and the Basics of Communication course can help engineering students develop the necessary skills to communicate effectively with different stakeholders. It can also enhance their employability by making them stand out from other graduates in the job market.
Moreover, the course can help students in their personal lives as well, as they can use the skills learned in the course to communicate more effectively with their family and friends. In summary, the Basics of Communication course is a value-added course that is highly recommended for engineering students to equip them with the necessary communication skills required for success in their professional and personal lives.

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