Community Support and Wellbeing

Navjyoti India Foundation MOU

This Memorandum indicates the parties’ willingness to continue discussions regarding the following initiatives, as the first step in building a continuing productive relationship between the two institutions.

I canvas will help in creating startup & incubation eco system and capacity building programs with the expertise and resources available in I canvas Incubation Centre for the beneficiaries mobilized by Navjyoti India Foundation. The scope of this MOU includes:

  • Training and Mentoring: Offering professional development programs and mentorship to guide students and entrepreneurs.
  • Networking: Facilitating connections with industry professionals, potential partners, and investors.
  • Digital & Physical Incubation Support: Providing resources and support through both digital platforms and physical infrastructure to nurture business ideas.
  • Grooming Students: Preparing students with the necessary skills and mindset for entrepreneurial success.
  • Co-working Space: Offering shared working environments to foster collaboration and innovation.
  • Makers and Idea Labs: Supporting the design and development of prototypes with access to specialized labs.
  • Funding Opportunities: Assisting in identifying and securing financial support for viable projects.
  • Collaborative Networking for Outreach Events: Organizing and participating in events to promote entrepreneurial endeavours and expand networks.
Sessions in Navjyoti India Foundation (2024)
Child Education Awareness Program on Entrepreneurship by Dr. Shakti Arora

Dr. Shakti Arora addressed the opportunities available for Entrepreneurship for them in Developing India. where Govt is supporting innovation culture at grassroot level and Foundation like NavJyoti are becoming the backbone of them. Guide students through the process of refining their business ideas, considering factors like feasibility, market demand, and personal interests.

Child Education Awareness Program on Entrepreneurship by Dr. Amit Singla and Dr. Vikas Tyagi
Women Education Awareness Program on Entrepreneurship by Dr. Shakti Arora

In this session women were guided the significance of educating women and fostering entrepreneurship among them. Empowering women through education and entrepreneurship is not only a matter of equality but also essential for social and economic development. By investing in women’s education and creating an enabling environment for entrepreneurship, we can unlock their full potential and build a more prosperous future for all.

Startup Mentor and Support to Community Startup from Backward Areas

In this session, we will delve into the crucial role of mentorship and community support in fostering the growth of startups from backward or underserved areas. Provide one-on-one mentorship and coaching to startup founders. Offer guidance, advice, and support throughout the various stages of their entrepreneurial journey, from ideation to scaling and to address the specific needs and skill gaps of entrepreneurs in backward areas.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program for Government Schools

Innovation and entrepreneurship training program was organised to encourage students to continue exploring entrepreneurship and innovation. Information was provided about ongoing support and resources available to students interested in pursuing entrepreneurial ventures. The session aims to instil in students the mindset, skills, and confidence needed to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys and make a positive impact in their communities.

Massive Tree Plantation

Date of Actity: 21/06/2023

Total  participants: 40

Total NSS volunteers: 20

Collabrating Agency/Organization: Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology & NSS PIET.

In reference to the directives received from AICTE/SDC(RB)/TREE PLANTATION- MERILIFE/1, dated 13/06/2023, National Service Scheme Unit of Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology Samalkha, Panipat Organized Plantation Drive. Under MeriLiFE: Massive Tree Plantation Drive 2023 Launched by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). Under this mission target of “One crore” Tree Plantation has been taken by AICTE as a key to combat climate change and promote plantation. Hence, AICTE requests all students, faculty and staff members of its approved Institutions to plant at least one tree having suitable utility in the respective region. The name of the Tree may be given on the name of person who planted that tree. Prof. Dr. B.B.Sharma, Dean Students Welfare, Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology launched the Drive at PIET Campus with planting a tree and given the name that Tree. In this drive Teaching as well as non-teaching Staff member and Volunteers actively participate. Almost 40 trees were planted in this drive. Participants also take oath to take care of that tree. Anyone can participate in this drive and “Plant a tree, so that the next generation can get air for free”.

World Bicycle Day

Objective: To create awareness for proper uses of water and water conservation

Date: 03rd June, 2023

No of Volunteer involved: 30

Total participants: 70

NSS PIET in collaboration of Department of Applied Science and Humanities PIET celebrate world bicycle day. A cycle rally is organised by NSS unit. Rally start from main gate of college and ended on the same point after complete the route of village Pattikalyana. The race was organized to promote sustainable modes of transportation and encourage individuals to reduce their carbon footprint. Around 50 Participants from the college including students, teaching and non-teaching staff enthusiastically took part in the race, demonstrating their commitment to a greener and healthier environment. The race covered a designated route, allowing participants to enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings while advocating for a sustainable future. Mr. Amit Kumar Dubey HOD Diploma Mechanical, flag off the rally and motivate the volunteers to use the cycle. Prof Dr. B.B.Sharma, Dean Students Welfare PIET also encourage the participants. Prof. Dr. Manoj Arora, Registrar PIET, Dr. Vinay Khatri HOD ASH PIET also present in the rally.

The theme of 2023 was “Riding together for a Sustainable Future.”.

Observance of World No Tobacco Day

Date of Actit: 31/05/2023

Total  participants: 12

Collabrating Agency/Organization: Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology, Indian Dental Association & Flying Club Panipat

The World No Tobacco Day was organized by NSS PIET in association with Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology , Indian Dental Association & Flying Club Panipat  under the aegis of “Tobacco Mukt Abhiyan” The World No Tobacco day celebrated at Sec 29 part 2nd panipat where NSS Volunteers performed Nukkad Natak on the harmful effect of tobacco consumption and dicuss day today lifestyle disturbance due to Tobacco Consumption with the Worker Working in the Industrial area.

 volunteer also Coordinate in Oral Health Checkup Camp Organized by Indian Dental Association & Flying Club Panipat where They did approx. 200 worker checkup and Encourage Them to Quit tobacco and Their Products also Distribe The Toothbrush and Toothpaste to the Worker   Volunteers Also Receive Token of Appreciation By  Indian Dental Association & Flying Club Panipat

Celebration of 9th International Yoga Day

Date of Actity: 21/06/2023

Total  participants: 50

Total NSS volunteers: 40

Collabrating Agency/Organization: Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology & NSS PIET.

Yoga is the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul With This NSS Unit of Panipat institute of Engineering and Technology Samalkha Celebrate 9th International Yoga Day on The Theme Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam at G Block Ground Floor PIET Campus. 50 Volunteers Actively Participate with Great Enthusiasm. Dean Students welfare (Shri B. B. Sharma) and Mr. Pardeep Kumar, NSS Programme Officer and Dr. Bajrang Rana (Sport Officer PIET) Also Participate in Yoga Day Celebration. Ms. Manju Mam, Assistant Professor in Textile Engineering Department of Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology, Samalkha was the yoga instructor for the yoga session.

AZAADISAT Space Kidz India

The satellite training program coordinated by Dr. Shakti Arora was organized by Idea Connect, PIET on 16th November 2022 in G block. Twelve different schoolgirls from the districts of Haryana along with their respective teachers. Dr. Srimathy, Founder & CEO of a leading Science and Technology incubator- “Space Kidz India” (SKI), is helping children reach out to the stars, quite literally.

AZAADISAT” is a satellite mission with the ambitious vision to encourage Government school children (from economically weak backgrounds) with the basic understanding and knowledge of space and tutor them to build a small experiment and launch it to the edge of space through “Orbital Satellite “The significance of this project was that it had been conceptualized by Dr. Srimathy Kesan which started a year and half ago, to pay our tribute to mark the 75th anniversary of independence-Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav. Space Kidz India has developed basic and simple experiments that students can learn and assemble with the simultaneous support of their science teachers and our SKI team’s online coaching. The work was done on arduino with the help of mentors in the labs projected on screen.

5th Rashtriya Poshan Mah Celebration

Date of Actity: 28/09/2022

Total  participants: 70

Collabrating Agency/Organization: Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology

In the continuation of the office letter (DHE-2 30002/13/2020-NSS-DHE) of the even number on 31/08/2022 on the subject 5th Rashtriya Poshan Maah Celebration from 01 September to 30 September 2022 . The program was organized by NSS PIET in association with Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology and ASHA Workers of Village Parttikalyana. In this event Mr. Ajay Malik, Assistant Professor (H.O.D) D-Pharmacy was the key Note-Speaker. Malik sir explain the importance of Balance Diet and Nutration in life. Apple and Banana were distributed at the end of the event. 45 women of village Pattikalyana with ASHA Worker take part in this event. 25 NSS volunteers take part in this activity.

Following were the Key Theme in the event.

  • Mahila and Swastha
  • Bacha and Shiksha- Poshan Bhi Padhai Bhi
  • Gender Sensitive
Diwali Celebration in Slum Area Panipat

Date of Actity: 21/10/2022

Total  participants: 47

Collabrating Agency/Organization: The Finishing School (Department of Management Studies, PIET)

In the continuation of last year NSS PIET in collaboration with The Finishing School PIET visited slum area Panipat to celebrate Diwali with the underprivileged by distributing packed food items, fruits, clothes, shoes, etc. The volunteers of NSS collected the donations in the form of food, clothes and stationary and collectively they were able to significantly help the most vulnerable section of our society who are mostly neglected. On the festival of lights Volunteers of NSS gave their contribution by spreading happiness and joy with the needy people .Total 47 volunteers participated in the donation drive. Providing help and offering hope to these people generated feeling of ampathy amongst the volunteers. The donation drive was successfully organized and executed under the cherished guidance of our Programme Officer Mr. Pradeep Kumar. Prof. Dr. Shakti Kumar, Director PIET and Prof. Dr. B.B Sharma, Dean Student Welfare was present in the event and motivate volunteers for their noval work.

Har Ghar Tiranga Campaign

Date of Actity: 13/08/2022

Total  participants: 45

Collabrating Agency/Organization: Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology

In continuation of this office letter of even No. dated on 03-08-2022 on the subject –celebration of “Iconic Week” from 8th August -14th August, 2022 under azadi ka amrut Mahotsav celebration. The program was organized by NSS PIET and YRC in association with Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology. Har Ghar Tiranga campaign was celebrated in the institute and Village Dehra.The Main agenda of this event was to encourage people to bring the Tiranga at home. Students from different department taken part in the event and distribute the 500 flags . Total 45 students taken part in the event from different departments.

Prof. Dr.B.B Sharma, (Dean Student Welfare)  motivate the students and Prof Dr. Deepak Raj, Principal PIET NCR were also present in tiranga rallay. Pardeep Kumar, NSS Programme Officer was the coordinator of this event.

Following objectives of the iconic week programme

  • Showcase the strength and power of youth voluntary action in Nation Budling Activities.
  • Include respect among the youth and mases by remembering and documenting stories our Freedom Struggle Unsung Heroes.
Self-Defence Training for Girls

Objective: To strengthen girls /women’s capacity to defend against potential attackers.

Date of Event: – 20th May 2022

Total no of Participants: – 139

No. of NSS volunteers involved: – 40

To strengthen the Girls students for their self-protection and women empowerment through a self-defence training NSS PIET organised a training session on Self Defence on 20th May, 2022 under Action Planof International Yoga Day 2022 by Directorate of NSS, Department of Youth Affairs and Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. After the felicitation ceremony and encouraging thoughts of respected management and faculty members, demonstration of the self-defence technique followed by some live practice. First step about self-defence was prevention is the best self-defence. Second tip was to be louder enough about your act of self-protection. The most important tip to remember was to aim the soft points of the attackers body parts, so the aim for the parts of the body where you can do the most damage easily-the eyes, nose, ears, neck, groin, knee and legs.

Depending on the position of the attacker and how close he will determine where you will strike and with what part of the body you will employ. USE of hand edges to counter strikes the attacker, wrist hold and many other techniques to defend ourselves from the attackers.

Learning Outcome:

  • The student learnt about the different kinds of violence that may be faced by girls or by women in any place.
  • The student participants got different self-protection tips on how to depend by attacking a potential attacker by striking on the soft spots of the attacker.
  • The session concludes with a note on the promise from both the sides that these kinds of sessions will be continued in the times to come.
Holi Celebration

Date of Actity: 17/03/2022

Total  participants: 29

Collabrating Agency/Organization: Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology

The Holi Celebration was organized by NSS PIET in association with Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology. Holi was celebrated in slum area near Sani Mandir of Panipat. The Main agenda of this event was to distribute Holi colours, Sweets, Chocolates and many more things like these. Management along with all the HOD’s, Faculty members and Students also donated food, money and many more things. Total 29 students taken part in the event from different departments. Program Officer Mr. Pardeep Kumar also given their presence in the event and helps the students in distributing.

This was the best way to celebrate Holi with children and it is the real happiness.This Holi celebration puts smile and brightness all around the Society.

Following things were learned by students :

  • Spreading Joy, Love and Happiness.
  • Brotherhood among People.
  • Donate something from your stuff for others happiness.
World AIDS Day

Date of Actity: 1/12/2022

Total NSS volunteers participants: 80

Collabrating Agency/Organization:VPO DEHRA SAMALKHA

WORLD HIV/AIDS Day is celebrated by NSS PIET. On the occassion of world aids day, awareness campaign & rally was organised by the NSS volunteers at adopted village VPO DEHRA, SAMALKHA. To aware the youth and the others people of village a nukkad natak was also performed at various places by NSS Volunteers. So,that the people got awared by the effects & harms of HIV-AIDS. NSS Volunteers also performed Nukkad at Govt. School in that village to aware the students approx 250 students were present in the school. NSS Volunteers told the causes & harms and the cures to children & the staff. Total NSS Volunteers participants were 80.So that they make our INDIA safe in upcoming time people of that village also participated with us with full interest and blessed us.

HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign

Date of Activity: 15/12/2021

Total NSS volunteers’ participants: 59

Collaborating Agency/Organization: Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology

This program was organized (offline) by NSS PIET in association with the Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology. The main motive of this program was to aware people about HIV AIDS and other communicable diseases through Rally, Nukkad Natak and other activities.

The Activity was performed in one of the adopted village Pattikalayana. 59 NSS volunteers participated in this Awareness campaign and aware people through Rally and Nukkad Natak. In this volunteer also interacted with students of government school of the village and spend time with them. Mr. Pardeep Kumar (NSS Programme Officer) from Mechanical Engineering Department and Mr. Ajay Kumar Malik from Pharmacy Department and Students from all the departments took part in this Awareness Campaign.

Key points of this Activity

  • Aware people of village about HIV AIDS through Rally.
  • Aware people about other communicable diseases through Nukkad Natak.
  • Volunteers Interact with people and students of villages and spread awareness.
  • Aware people about HIV AIDS by applying red ribbon and balloons on the tree in the village.
COVID 19 Awarness Campaign and Mask Distribution (Pattikalayana and Dikadla)

Date/Year of Activity: 01 June, 2020

Collaborating Agency: NSS and UBA

Faculty Coordinators: Gyander Ghangas (NSS Program Officer), Abhishak Sharma (UBA Coordinator)

Number of Participating Students: 16

A prevention awareness campaign was organized in village Pattikalayana and Dikadla to make the villagers aware about how they can save themselves from this global pandemic. The villagers were made aware about the methods of prevention such as social distancing, hand wash, use of mask, to avoid gatherings, cleanliness, immunity improvement etc. Along with this campaign, 2000 mask were also distributed in these villages. The main focus was on the sensitive spots of the villages i.e. shops, govt offices, community centres, Angan Wadies and gram panchayats etc. The elders and children were specially targeted for the awareness.


Date of activity: 28 Dec. 2018 to 20 Feb. 2019


Number of Volunteers Participated: 246

Number of Faculty Members Participated: 10

No. of Villages Adopted: 5 (Five)

  1. Dehra (85)
  2. Dikadla (81)
  3. GarhiChhaju (73)
  4. Patti Kalyana (86)
  5. Pawati (71)

Future Planning: Working on new projects for the solutions of the problems of waste water management and solid waste management.

Blood Donation Camp

A blood donation camp was organized by NSS-PIET with the collaboration of Rotary Panipat Central Club on 20 August 2019 in administrative block of the institute. Total 183 students, faculty members, staff members and outsiders have been donated the blood in the camp. Rtn. Jitendra Dhingra (District Governor) and Sh. Suresh Tayal were chief guest and guest of honor, respectively for the camp. The teams of doctors and sporting staff were provided by the Red Cross Society, Panipat. The chief guest and the management of the institute also donated blood along with the student, which was a motivation for the volunteers and students as well. Along with blood donation camp a program of tree plantation was also organized and trees were planted by the guests, management and coordinators of the event.

Faculty coordinators:

Ms Preeti Dahiya (AP, BBA)

Mr. Gyander Ghangas (AP, ME)

Panipat Pinkathon 2019

Organizers: District Administration Panipat and PIET Samalkha

The Panipat Pinkathon 2019, organized by the District Administration Panipat in collaboration with PIET Samalkha, marked a significant event in the realm of promoting women’s health and empowerment. Held on March 8, 2019, the event coincided with International Women’s Day, reinforcing the spirit of women’s rights, equality, and well-being.

Objective: The primary objective of the Panipat Pinkathon was to raise awareness about women’s health, fitness, and empowerment. It aimed to encourage women from all walks of life to embrace a healthy lifestyle and prioritize their well-being. Additionally, the event sought to foster a sense of community and solidarity among participants, inspiring them to break barriers and strive for excellence.

Participants: The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from women of diverse age groups, backgrounds, and fitness levels. From seasoned runners to first-time participants, women from Panipat and neighbouring areas gathered to celebrate the spirit of womanhood and fitness. The presence of women from PIET Samalkha added an educational dimension to the event, highlighting the importance of institutional involvement in promoting health initiatives.

Activities: The Panipat Pinkathon featured a range of activities catering to participants’ interests and fitness levels:

Marathon: The highlight of the event was a marathon, offering participants the opportunity to showcase their endurance and determination. The marathon route traversed through scenic locations in Panipat, providing runners with a memorable experience.

Awareness Campaigns: Throughout the event, various awareness campaigns were conducted, focusing on women’s health issues such as breast cancer awareness, menstrual hygiene, and overall fitness. Experts and volunteers engaged with participants, disseminating valuable information, and encouraging discussions on pertinent topics.

Fitness Workshops: Interactive fitness workshops were organized, covering aspects such as yoga, aerobics, and strength training. These workshops aimed to equip participants with practical knowledge and skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle beyond the event.

Cultural Performances: The event also featured cultural performances, including dance and music, adding vibrancy and entertainment to the proceedings. Such cultural elements reinforced the celebratory atmosphere and promoted inclusivity among participants.

The Panipat Pinkathon 2019 emerged as a resounding success, owing to the collective efforts of the District Administration Panipat, PIET Samalkha, participants, volunteers, and sponsors. By promoting women’s health, fitness, and empowerment, the event contributed significantly to fostering a healthier and more equitable society. It served as a testament to the power of community engagement and collaboration in driving positive social change. As the participants crossed the finish line, they not only celebrated their physical achievements but also reaffirmed their commitment to leading healthier, happier lives.

The organizers extend their heartfelt gratitude to all participants, volunteers, sponsors, and stakeholders whose contributions were instrumental in making the Panipat Pinkathon 2019 a memorable and impactful event. Their unwavering support and enthusiasm exemplify the spirit of unity and empowerment that lies at the heart of such initiatives.

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