Class Counselling

In PIET the students are especially taken care at every step through class counseling. It is designed to help students in developing their self-knowledge and awareness of options needed to be selected. Students are guided about their interests, values, competencies, and personal problems by the members of faculty, management and experts for an integrated growth  and to excel in their chosen fields.

The process of counselling has been established by keeping in mind the problems of students, particularly the new comers. Our students are the most vulnerable section of the society and can be easily misled, trapped. The objective of the counselling is to channelize the energy of students in a positive and constructive manner. The Counsellor puts up his best efforts to listen to students and find the best ways to understand and resolve problems as well as creat a confidence in making them master of their own destiny. The Counselling will focus every possible way to finish their problems.Thus the teachers will impart the best possible counselling to the students

Insight, Positive relations with others, Self-awareness, Self-acceptance, Self-realization, Individualization, Problem-solving skill, Acquisition of social skills, Behavioural & cognitive change, Empowerment and Self decision making abilities etc are the main area to work during class counselling.

It aims to prevent stress, depression and anxiety and provides remedy to such issues and special attention is paid to the hostellers who have problems like home sickness and adjustment with their room-mates etc.

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