Circuit Junkies


  1. 1. Design a circuit based on components like IC 741, IC 555, Resistances, Capacitors etc.
  2. A team of two candidates can participate.
  3. Teams have to assemble their task within 20 minutes.
  4. Marks are given on the basis of number of Components used, Exact Connection,

Waveform, Min. Time Utilization and working.

  1. If number of entries exceeds then entries will be short listed on the basis of General Quiz.
  2. No external help is admissible.


For participation, students may contact student coordinator Shubham Bagga (Ph. No=9992957050) before 27 January 2016.

Faculty Coordinators:                         Student Coordinators:

Vikas Goyal (ECE Dept. 9034555151)                       Shubham Bagga (ECE) -9992957050

Vinay Dawar (ECE Dept. 8930020987)         Arun Deshwal (ECE) -9992088577                                       


Date: 28th Jan-2016

Time: 12:00 Hrs. to 13:00 Hrs.

Venue: B-Block, 1st Floor, DE Lab

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