Choose the best B.Tech Colleges in Haryana to be an expert Digital Person

B.Tech is a diverse community of degrees, the stream offers various degrees with different specializations to suit an aspirant’s interest. A variety of B.Tech specializations can be found at the top B.Tech Colleges in Haryana, starting with Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology. At PIET, one can opt for B.Tech, B.Tech Honours, B.Tech CSE and its three variations, B.Tech CE, B.Tech ME, B.Tech Textile Engineering and so on. Let us introduce you to one of the top placement colleges for B.Tech in Haryana and their placement program!

The standard B.Tech CSE program at PIET

A student at B.Tech. Computer Science is taught to venture into making the latest technologies possible, entrepreneurship, and to pursue a higher degree of research and computational techniques. The B.Tech CSE program covers every type of concept, from simple to advanced concepts of computer science, including the theory in academics, pragmatic concepts, and even engineering skills for real life solutions.

The engineering department at PIET has also introduced courses like B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering Honours program in the Internet of Things (IoT). Plus, it continues with different courses throughout: from Augmented Reality-Virtual Reality (AR-VR) to Artificial Intelligence & Data Science (AI & DS). The department also runs several additional courses in collaboration with IBM and Oracle Academy, these courses focus to induce professional skills in the students.

The first and foremost objective of the CSE program is to build a foundation in students in a well-planned and systematic pattern. The second objective is to develop relevant skills and knowledge of the students through requirement-based training and research and development.

The core aim of the B.Tech. (CSE) program is to enrich the following features within students:

  • To understand every basic concept of engineering.
  • To understand computation from basics to a higher difficulty level with varying computer languages, algorithms & flow chart designing, database management, and applications.
  • To be able to design new models with unique techniques to solve real-life problems to meet the industrial needs.
  • To work on developing an ability to accomplish a common goal as a team member at work.
  • To develop professional, social, and ethical responsibilities.
  • To develop effective communication skills.
  • To develop new technical skills based on research and projects and understand them well.

Recruitment at PIET

PIET is again among the top placement colleges for B.Tech in Haryana for indispensable reasons. Firstly, branded firms search for many more qualities besides academics. PIET students master a range of skills and experiences at PIET to compete with the world effectively. Indulging in teamwork, problem solving sessions, leadership roles, and heightened communication skills are encouraged to take up responsibilities.

  • A prompt placement team.
  • Top recruiters for on-campus placements.
  • Best facilities, great infrastructure with spacious auditoriums, multiple conference rooms and excellent computer lab facilities.
  • Tied up with the best colleges in the region.
  • Tie-ups with leading research institutes in different industries.
  • Interactive sessions in relevance to industries, workshops, seminars, paper presentations and quizzes are part of the teaching.
  • Believed in entrepreneurship, research and development, and application based learning.
  • Ambient class rooms, with learning resources available 24×7.
  • A wi-fi enabled campus with seamless networking architecture in hostels, classes, canteen and common rooms.

We have now given you multiple reasons to become a part of one of the top B.Tech colleges in Haryana. You can further visit their website and clear your queries.

Top B.Tech colleges in Haryana
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