CAD/CAM Modeling

  1. Only limited no of students are allowed to participate.
  2. A drawing will be given to the participants and participants have to draw in AUTOCAD.
  3. The drawing should be made with proper dimensioning.
  4. Any discrepancy leads to disqualification of the candidate.
  5. Total time allotted for the event is 25 minutes and 5 minutes to think over the matter before drawing.
  6. Who finishes the task first, will win the first prize.
  7. Venue C- Block CAD/CAM LAB.




Student Co-ordinator                                                                 Teacher Co-ordinator

Tushar (ME) 9818993381                                                        Pardeep Sharma (ME) 9996113015

Hardeep (ME) 9896707730                                                     Virender Upneja (ME) 9355558942



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