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At present, civil engineering has a great scope for students. Considered as the best career field among students, civil engineering education is basically based on design, development, and maintenance of natural and artificial products and constructions. This fast-growing career field is serving both private and public sectors of the urban, rural and global economy. This course offered by some of the best engineering colleges in Delhi NCR has various branches that include:


In this particular program, the edifices are needed to planned, structured and maintained. When the layout models are set and planned, they are needed to be applied as per the action course of this study. The fieldwork management of the whole plan is the practical part of the study.


This course is about understanding the interrelation and response of earth constituents on the building which is set to be constructed. These aspects are instructed and evaluated. Course from the best engineering colleges in Delhi NCR considers major factors such as foundation, bearing measurements and soil.


This study course deals with the estimation, understanding, maintenance, stiffness, and strength of the building and non-building constructions with respect to various conditions such as climate, wind, traffic, gravity, and earthquake.


The working zone of Transportation Engineering is all about planning, constructing and maintaining the transport services. The whole concept is prepared on the comfortable, safe, easy, environment friendly and cost-effective mode of transport. It has six segments including air, waterways, highway, urban, aerospace, ocean and coastal transportation.

Water resource

This section comprises the structure and plan of constructions correlated to water like dams, canals, and water supply system. To instrument and taking safety measures when designing the buildings is the working part of this instruction.


This course study deals with specific projects and designs which are compatible with the environment. It includes the education of the pollution effects, solution and sewage management of constructions. It offers methods to get the compatibility between designs, environment, and projects.


This study section is about the urban government that plans and manages the application and design of constructions in towns.


The learning work of this program is about planning, designing, structures, maintenance and safety of tunnels for waterways, trains, and roadways.

Panipat Institute of Engineering & Technology offers a complete and balanced understanding of the numerous discipline of Civil Engineering that include Environmental Engineering, Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering. PIET prepares youngsters in Civil Engineering for great careers dealing with assessment, design, and administration of infrastructural plans in India and Overseas.

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