Attendance Policy


The institute follow the attendance policy given by Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra in its ordinance.

Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.)

The candidate can be admitted to a semester examination if he has attended regularly the prescribed courses of study for the relevant semester in an Engineering Institution affiliated to Kurukshetra University and attended not less than 75% of total number of periods assigned to that subject. This requirement shall be fulfilled separately for each course of study. The attendance shall be counted upto 10 days before the commencement of examinations. The Director of the Institute is empowered to condone the shortage in attendance upto 10% of the periods assigned to the subject in genuine cases to his satisfaction.

A deficiency in the prescribed course (lectures or practicals, etc.,) may be condoned by the Chairperson, Department/ Director as under:

  • Lectures : Up to 10% of the lectures delivered in each paper;
  • Practicals : Up to 5% each paper;
  • Seminars, Case Discussion : Up to 10% each.

These shall also include loss of attendances due to participation in Cultural and Sports Assignments, etc. Provided that students who participate in Inter-University Tournaments/ Youth Festivals shall be allowed additional condonation on this ground of upto 10% in each paper on a certificate from the Director, Physical Education and Sports or the Director, Youth and Cultural Affairs Department, as the case may be, subject to the condition that such a candidate shall not be allowed to appear in the examination if his attendance, after condonation on all counts, falls below 50%.

Master of Business Administration(MBA)
Master of Business Administration(MCA)