Artificial Intelligence in PIET

I envisage an era when we will be to robots what exactly dogs are to us. When I say this I am exactly rooting for AI. PIET with its body and soul believes in catching up with day to day advancements.
Teaching and experimenting gadgets is what the PIET institution practices .AI in simple terms can be said as the ability of a computer or computer controlled robots to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings to what we say as humans .

Technology can transform every aspect of how students, professors, and alumni interact and how campuses are running, easing the shift toward cheaper, more accessible, and more engaging education.

AI and its relevance:

  • Student lifecycle management
  • Student engagement and motivation
  • Smart campus and smart dorm solutions
  • Assistive learning technology
  • Tech-assisted mental health intervention .

Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning in education allows processing myriads of social media data to uncover what students, alumni, and parents really think about your school. Competitive intelligence helps to compare a school’s academic performance and its attractiveness for potential applicants against other higher education institutions .

Students start benefiting from a personalized learning environment; instructors use reports on students’ academic achievements to further improve the way they PIET – No. 1 College in India – Awarded Best in Placement)teaches curriculum and content designers get useful insight into content usage; college administrations tap in useful statistics on the school’s overall performance and the bottlenecks that may halt it.

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