Team Members

Anubhav Bhardwaj
B.Tech (IT),
I personally feel that AR/VR Lab is the best thing happening in our college, a lot of good opportunities have come to me because of this and they have benefitted me in all sorts of ways regarding my future as an engineer.
B.Tech (CSE with AI/DS)
I came to the lab as an amateur and then things started to settle in and I think that I made the best decision about joining the lab , The equipment provided to us is also top tier and best for our development.
B.Tech (CSE with CS)
AR/VR Lab is the only place where I feel truly competent and believe in myself that I can achieve anything in my life .
B.Tech (CSE with CS)
I Joined the lab to be a professional game maker and it’s all coming to me because of how good our mentors are and how much equipped our lab is.
Ravi Sharma
B.Tech (CSE with AI/ML)
I am the newest member of the team with lots of dreams and now that I know what I can achieve in the lab I do believe that I can make all of my dreams come true.
B.Tech (CSE with CS)
When I joined the lab I was the only girl in the team and felt inferior to the rest of us but as the lab grew I grew with it and I do believe the a simple girl like could be a professional at whatever I want to be .
HTC VIVE PORT PRO 2 for professional level VR development.
OCULUS RIFT S for professional level VR game development.
Three HIGH END PCs with RTX 3060 GRAPHIC Card and RYZEN 7 for Smooth development of Highly detailed games and apps .
Two HIGH END Gaming Laptops for processes like BETA testing of games etc.
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