Anti-Ragging Committee



Following squads are finalized to oversee discipline aspect on the campus and the Teaching/ Admin. Blocks on the part of the visiting candidates/ students to ensure that RAGGING may not germinate on the campus in any form. It should be the effort of the squad members to counsel the suspected candidates/ students for observing reasonable conduct in their interaction with others.

S.No. Place Faculty Name
1. Campus & Playgrounds 1.        Dr. B.B.Sharma

2.        Dr. Vinay Khatri (ASH)

3.        Mr. Sunil Dhull (ME)

4.        Dr. Sanjeev (ASH) (Chief Procter)

5.        Mr. Vijay Kumar (Sports)

2. Canteen Lawns & Parking 1.        Mr. Dinesh Kumar (ASH)

2.        Ms. Preeti Dahiya (BBA)

3. Canteen 1.        Dr. Saurabh Garg (BBA)

2.        Ms. Vinod Kumari (ASH)

3.         Mr. Pawan Kumar (ASH)

4. Mess (During Lunch) 1.        Mr. Shashank Sharma (CE)

2.        Mr. Vishal Jain (ECE)

5. Hostel 1.        Dr. Vijay Kumar (ASH)

2.        Mr. Rajesh Kumar (BBA)

3.        Ms. Tanika Dhiman (TE)

6. Block- A Ground Floor 1.        Ms. Rachna Khurana (ASH)

2.        Mr. Nitin Sharma (ASH)

3.        Ms. Poonam (ASH)

First Floor 1.        Dr. Vijay Kumar  (ASH)

2.         Dr. Jugmendra Singh (ASH)

2nd Floor 1.        Dr. Deepak Raj (ASH)
7. Block-B Ground Floor 1.        Mr. R.K. Sharma (CE)

2.        Mr. Ravinder Kumar (CE)

3.        Mr. Deepak Leelwan (CE)

1st  Floor 1.        Ms. Swati Gupta (ECE)

2.        Mr. Sachin Dhawan (ECE)

3.        Mr. Rajeev Dhanda (ECE)

2nd Floor 1.        Mr. Subhasish Pal (TE)

2.        Mr. Vishal Trivadi (TE)

3.        Ms. Neeraj Bala (TE)

8. Block-C Ground Floor 1.        Mr. Amit Dubey (ME Dip.)

2.        Mr. Virender Upneja (ME)

3.        Mr. Vikas Kumar (ME)

1st  Floor 1.        Mr. Deepak Gumber (ME)

2.        Mr. Sunil Kadyan  (ME)

2nd Floor 1.        Mr. Amit Raman (ME)

2.        Mr. Sanjeev Kumar (ME)

9. Block-D Ground Floor 1.        Ms. Priyanka Sehgal (MBA)

2.        Dr. Suman Madan (MBA)

3.        Mr. Manish Gulyani (MBA)

1st Floor 1.        Ms. Pooja Gupta (BBA)

2.        Mr. Atul Gautam (BBA)

2nd Floor 1.        Dr. Ankur (BBA)

2.        Ms. Shachi (BBA)

3rd Floor 1.        Mr. Dalbir  (BBA)

2.        Dr. Annu (BBA)

4th Floor 1.        Mr. Jagmohan Malhotra (BBA)

2.        Ms. Shilpa Sardana (BBA)

10. Block-E Ground Floor 1.        Dr.S.C. Gupta (CSE/IT)

2.        Mr. Karun Handa (CSE)

3.        Mr. Sahil Chhabra (CSE)

1st Floor 1.        Dr. Devender Parsad (CSE)

2.        Mr. Vikas Sethi (CSE)

3.        Ms. Tannu Sharma (CSE)

2nd Floor 1.        Mr. Madhu Gautam (CSE)

2.        Mr. Arun Kumar (CSE)

3rd Floor 1.        Mr. Dinesh Kumar (MCA)

2.        Mr. Rajan Saluja (MCA)

3.        Ms. Renu  (MCA)

4th Floor 1.        Mr. Rattandeep Aneja (IT)

2.        Mr. Matish Garg (IT)

Besides apt and due counseling to the errant students(s), Stress must be laid on punctuality, honesty and disciplined aspects in the conduct of the students.  Students must be told to observe the system created and Rules framed by the Institute in toto.

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