In the contemporary world of technology, PIET has taken the initiative of conducting ‘LEAD’ (Learn, Engage, Assimilate and Develop) workshops with the nation’s leading technocrats, educators, and industry experts to spread awareness about the path-breaking and transformative concept of “Enterprise 4.0”. These workshops are for students, academia, and society to spread awareness about transformative change in technology and management with a special focus on Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Block Chain, Virtual/Mixed/Augmented Realities, and Robotics. The goal is to involve the propeller heads of the nation in propagating the knowledge of technology to all.


Blended Learning

We believe in the Blended Learning approach that combines online educational material and interaction with traditional classroom teaching where students attend in-person classes with a teacher as a facilitator, integrating computer-mediated activities for content and delivery. It offers students a balanced mix of practical and theoretical education with various available models that include ‘Face to Face’, Rotation Based’, ‘Flex Based, and ‘Lab Based’.  Students can benefit from these methods in a more immersive and interactive learning way, enhancing their understanding and application of knowledge.

We also expose students to the ‘Self-Blend’ model that enables them to enhance their learning experience through online courses. For self-blended learning, we primarily rely on Instructor-Delivered Content, E-Learning, Webinars, Live/Online Sessions with Facilitators, Use of Facebook/Chat Rooms/Blogs/YouTube to Augment Learning.

Flipped Learning

“Experiencing is Believing”, We adopt Flipped Learning which is an innovative instructional strategy that reverses the traditional classroom setting by delivering instructional content outside of the classroom. Students are provided with content beforehand and are encouraged to collaborate and participate in discussions and problem-solving activities in the classroom. This learner-centered approach allows for a deeper exploration of topics and encourages active participation of the students.


Learning Management System through M-TUTOR

We have collaborated with M-TUTOR, India’s first digital tutorial package for higher education, to enhance students’ learning experience beyond the classroom. The platform features rich graphic-aided content with tools such as assessments, live chat, ask-a-doubt, and a question bank.  Students can easily track their progress and receive personalized support.

Lecture Capture System (LCS) through Impartus

We partner with ‘Impartus’ and implement a lecture capture system on a large scale to enhance the teaching-learning process. This cutting-edge technology automatically records the entire classroom experience, allowing students and professors to engage in collaborative learning through shared content.

Quiz Assessment Tool

We use Plickers, an innovative assessment tool that has revolutionized the way students’ understanding is gauged in the classroom. By providing a quick and simple method for assessing comprehension without the need for devices or traditional paper and pencil, Plickers offers an efficient way for educators to gather real-time formative assessment data. This interactive tool not only enhances student engagement but also promotes active learning by allowing students to answer anonymous questions. Incorporating Plickers has resulted in increased student participation and improved teacher evaluation of student comprehension levels.

Handwritten Answer Sheets Assessment Tool

We have implemented an innovative AI-based method for evaluating internal assessment examinations. This advanced approach significantly accelerates the evaluation process compared to traditional methods, as it requires less time for assessment. Utilizing rubrics for analyzing question paper solutions allows for swift and accurate evaluation of answer sheets. Initially, the answer sheets are scanned using an ADF scanner, followed by the selection of the exam and student set before the evaluation process commences. By mapping student answer sheets to the corresponding question papers, the system enables efficient review of all student responses to a specific question, eliminating the need for context switching. Additionally, the system provides valuable insights such as average marks for sets of questions and question papers, and the total number of students who took the exam based on class enrollment.


PIET, renowned for its diverse and inclusive ethos, has evolved into a hub of cultural fusion, attracting individuals from around the globe. Initially established to cater to the educational needs of its nation, PIET has now garnered international recognition by offering immersive academic opportunities to students from a multitude of countries. Hailing from nations like Nepal, Bhutan, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Bangladesh, students flock to PIET, resulting in a dynamic blend of cultures on its campus. The institution fosters a warm and supportive environment, ensuring that international students feel embraced and assisted with administrative processes such as the Foreign Registration Office and university affiliations. With the presence of students from diverse backgrounds, PIET fosters a vibrant exchange of ideas and practices, enriching the campus with a mosaic of cultures. In essence, PIET epitomizes the ethos of diversity and inclusion, nurturing the aspirations of students from across the globe.


The Career Advancement Cell (CAC) at PIET employs a highly effective mechanism, collaborating closely with top corporate houses to ensure maximum campus placements annually, even amidst challenging economic conditions. PIET remains a preferred choice for recruiters across industries, attracting global brands consistently. The placement process caters to recruiter needs while offering students excellent career prospects, focusing on emerging industries nationally and internationally. Joint campus drives extend opportunities to students from diverse backgrounds, facilitating placements with renowned global brands such as Amazon, TCS, and Wipro through the Consortium.

The Holistic P

We believe in the adaptation of The Holistic P; the genesis of this concept is based on the realization that the world of emerging technologies and management shall require a 360-degree approach in order to create a perfect skill-based employability fit for every student. To achieve this goal, we have taken the initiative to prepare students through:

Ready Me

After many discussions & brains storming sessions with companies and students, we are able to work out the possibility of developing an industry-ready program for students as per the demands of tech majors. To prepare the students, regular classroom sessions are scheduled that focus on enhancing communication skills through activities like extempore speaking, presentations, debates, declamation, seminars, and conferences. Additionally, group discussion sessions are held regularly. To foster logical thinking, aptitude classes are conducted consistently.

Assured placement

 In response to the transition from traditional to emerging technology programs advocated by NEP, AICTE, and NASSCOM, the institute introduced its Assured Placement Program (APP) in 2020-21. To cultivate awareness of Industry 4.0 trends among students, an industry-academia meeting titled “CONVOLUTION” was held on May 24, 2021. During this event, industry representatives engaged with institute authorities, emphasizing the need for learning emerging technologies to meet placement demands.


The institute has formed strong partnerships with several universities, business associations, and industry agencies for establishing new Centers for Excellence, which aims at fostering research and innovation within the different units of the institute. PIET has collaborations with:

  • DCRUST, Murthal (for joint projects, publications, conferences, workshops, seminars, and Faculty Development Programs)
  • K. R. Mangalam University, Gurgaon (for joint supervision of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral students, projects, publications, conferences, and workshops)
  • Information Data System (for ensuring maximum digital transformation using emerging technologies like AI, Blockchain, Cloud, and IoT)
  • Coding Ninjas (for getting access to the enhanced learning management system and industry-standard content in order to meet the new age industry requirements)
  • Fintech and Blockchain Association, USA (offering training programs, internships, and joint certification programs majorly focused on the integration of finance and technology)



The IDEA Lab is one of the most unique features of PIET academia. It aims to provide a creative space for students to collaborate, innovate, and turn their creative ideas into tangible realities. The lab is fully equipped with advanced technological tools and scientific resources.

Moreover, the IDEA Lab regularly hosts workshops, seminars, and competitions to help students refine their ideas and gain valuable skill sets in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation. Hence, it is a benchmark research unit of the institute which is fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship on campus.

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Entrepreneurship Development Cell

PIET has officially launched its Entrepreneurship Development Cell (ED) called “Seedling” in response to the increasing number of entrepreneurs in the region. The cell aims to support and nurture innovative ideas by providing resources and guidance.

Funding: the cell arranges for the provisions of seed capital and bank loans to promising projects by tying up Venture Capitalist (VC) firms and leading banks

Mentorships: The cell is committed to provide mentorships from industry experts, bankers, MSME officials, and successful entrepreneurs to budding start-ups, Innovation & IPR policies of the institute support innovators with infrastructure, facilities, and funds. A committee for designing and implementing innovation and startup policy as per the guidelines provided by the National Innovation and Start-up Policy (NISP) another initiative by the MHRD innovation cell has been formed to support the innovation ecosystem at the institute.

Research and Development

In the last five years, PIET has published a total of 792 publications, showcasing our commitment to research and knowledge dissemination. Additionally, we have published 202 patents so far, highlighting our innovative work in developing new technologies and solutions. These accomplishments demonstrate PIET’s dedication to both academic excellence and practical application in various fields.


PIET is offering world-class campus facilities for staff and students. Like:

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