Vision and Mission


“To be globally known and recognized as an educational institute of engineering, technology, management and research having a transformative impact on society.”


  • M1: To impart knowledge, skills and creativity to all the students.
  • M2: To provide a conducive environment for quality teaching, learning, and research.
  • M3: To create awareness on sustainable technologies and innovative solutions to societal problems including entrepreneurship.
  • M4: To strengthen institutional and industrial collaborations nationally and internationally.

Core Values

  • Producing skilled technocrats and competent professionals.
  • Creating a learning environment on the institute’s campus for making the students dynamic and vigorous to exploit existing technologies extensively.
  • Providing education that is flexible and adapts to meet the emerging needs of society.
  • Emphasizing the infusion of hands-on training into the curriculum to hone the learners technical, scientific and managerial skill.
  • To imbibe social & moral values to make them upright citizens above all.

We not only aspire to be one of the Top Engineering Colleges of Haryana, but also yearn to become the Top most Engineering College in India. Our passion to make the Engineering knowledge and practice more hands-on to meet the industry and societal needs.