January 18th, 2018

Game of Codes

Participants will be required to solve some of the most innovative problems with their coding techniques.

Event Methodology & Format

The Event Format and Details are mentioned below:

  • The Event shall be open for Undergraduate/Post Graduate Students
  • The Event shall be an individual event to test the Programming & Algorithmic skills of participants.
  • There shall be multiple problems and points would be allotted on solving the problems.
  • There shall be no restriction on the programming language to be used.
  • Winners will be daclared on the basis of maximum score.
    • In case of a tie, the one with the minimum time shall be declared as winner.
    • The Top Two Position Holders shall be awarded Prizes

Teacher Coordinators:

  • Tanu Sharma (CSE): 9416223307, Ms. Somya Goyal (IT): 9896103767, Mr. Rahul Kaushal (CSE): 7988657573

Students Coordinators:

  • Pratham Kataria: 9717616365, Yash Kundu: 9050751223, Raman Bansal: 9034529413

Schedule of Event:

  • Venue: E-305, Time: 01:00-02:00 pm, Date: 6-2-2019

Prizes* (Cash):

  • 1st Position: 3000/- , 2nd Position: 2000/-

Note: Winners will also get medals and certificates as per their position. Outstation (Outside Haryana) 1st & 2nd Position winners for Group Events will get Rs. 2000/- and Individual Events will get Rs. 1000/- as travelling allowance.

*For upto five entries only first prize will be given. Second prize will be given only if there will be more than five entries.