January 17th, 2019



  • A team of minimum 15 members will be allowed.
  • Every team will get 2 minutes for setup and 10 minutes for the ramp walk.
  • There will be five (5) entries in all (1 Internal & 4 External)
  • More internal entries can be considered if response from external colleges is poor.
  • Only limited and required props will be allowed on the stage. All the required props should be arranged by the participating team only.
  • Participants will submit the background tracks to the coordinators in advance.
  • Vulgarity in any way shall not be entertained. It may lead to disqualification of the team.
  • Decision of the Judges will be final.
  • Rating will be done on the basis of theme, walk, costume, expression, synchronization, music etc.
  • Lighting of candles or match-sticks on the stage is not allowed and this will lead to disqualification.

Round 1: Off Stage (Elimination Round)  

Round 2: On Stage

      Teacher Coordinators:

  • Mr. Manish Gulyani (MBA) – 9813881456, Ms. Samriti (BBA) – 8529440021, Ms. Sanchi (MCA) – 9988892227

Students Coordinators:

  • Mayank Gupta – 9315013000, Aakash Kapoor – 8950008989, Bhumika Khurana – 7988469148, Varnika – 9306355874

External Audition:

  • Venue: Seminar Hall, D Block-Ground Floor, Time: 10:00 AM-3:30 PM, Date: 02-Feb-19

Final Schedule (On Stage):

  • Venue: Open Air Theatre, Time: 2:30 PM onwards, Date: 06-Feb-19

Prizes (Cash):

  • Rs. 20000/-

Note: Winners will get certificates as per their position.