Guest lecture of Mr. Muthana Zouri organised on 17 June 2022.

Integration of Decision Support Systems in the Management of Hospitals

On June 17, 2022, Mr. Muthana Zouri, Dean of the School of Business, School of ICT, and Department of Arts and Sciences at Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Canada, delivered a guest lecture in online mode to MBA students on the topic of “Integration of Decision Support Systems in the Management of Hospitals.” The lecture aimed to explore how decision support systems can help hospitals improve their management practices and decision-making processes.
Mr. Zouri began his lecture by introducing the concept of decision support systems (DSS) and their role in the healthcare industry. He explained how DSS can help healthcare organizations make data-driven decisions by providing real-time information about patients, staff, and operations. He highlighted the importance of DSS in the management of hospitals, as it can help hospital administrators optimize resources, reduce costs, and improve patient outcomes.
Next, Mr. Zouri discussed the various types of DSS that are commonly used in hospitals, including clinical decision support systems (CDSS) and executive information systems (EIS). He explained how CDSS can help healthcare providers make better clinical decisions by analyzing patient data and recommending treatments. Similarly, EIS can help hospital administrators monitor and manage hospital operations by providing real-time information about key performance indicators such as patient satisfaction, wait times, and resource utilization.
Mr. Zouri then presented several case studies to illustrate how DSS has been integrated into the management of hospitals. He discussed how a hospital in Canada used a CDSS to improve patient outcomes by reducing medication errors. He also highlighted how a hospital in the United States used an EIS to optimize its surgical operations by tracking the availability of surgical rooms, staff, and equipment.
Finally, Mr. Zouri concluded his lecture by discussing the challenges and limitations of DSS in the healthcare industry. He emphasized the importance of data accuracy, privacy, and security in the use of DSS and urged healthcare organizations to invest in training and education to ensure that staff can effectively use and interpret the data provided by these systems.
Overall, Mr. Muthana Zouri’s guest lecture was informative and engaging, providing valuable insights into the integration of decision support systems in the management of hospitals. The lecture provided MBA students with a deeper understanding of the role of DSS in healthcare management and how these systems can help healthcare organizations improve their decision-making processes.

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