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Limiting winnings in casinos: how to win by setting a limit on the money won

In gambling, the advantage is always on the side of the pari match casino indonesia, no matter which slot or table game you play. The player can increase their own chances of winning at a short distance. To do this, it is worth setting winning limits, so as not to get carried away, because at a long distance you risk losing everything. That is, what you have already won, and the entire deposit.

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There is a general rule. Its essence is that if during a playing session you increased the deposit three times, it is time to stop the game. If you are a beginner, we do not advise you to strive for such a limit. Increasing your bankroll by one and a half to two times is an excellent result. And to minimize the risks, choose online casinos with a minimum deposit, at least at first.

Remember that the main purpose of limiting your winnings is to keep what you have already gained. This is the peculiarity of the casino game, how to make money by increasing the deposit is a skill that requires preparation. The player should quit the game after reaching a specified amount of winnings, regardless of the conditions of the game and the time during which he has bet.

Finally, the third technique of artificial self-limitation is the time limit.

Time limit

You know how it happens? The game goes on, a lot of winning bets, the deposit increases - everything is fine. And then you get tired and your concentration goes down. A few losses, and you do not watch the amount of losses - you just try to win back. Control over the game is completely lost, you lose everything. Does this situation sound familiar? It is better not to get into this phase at all, because it is impossible to get out of it without losses.

Why does this happen? Over time, as the game progresses, the ability to act on strategy yields to the need to simply win back and get your lost money back. To avoid failure, use a time limit. This loss protection tool insures against over-indulging in slot machines over the long haul.

Set a time interval, which will spend in online casinos for real money, and before you start, start a timer. It is in any cell phone. For example, you decide to play for 30 minutes. So, activate the timer and stop playing slot machines in half an hour, as soon as you hear the beep.

This method seems very simple, but it really helps to save money and is closely related to the previous restrictions. We have already mentioned the chicken strategy. So, this strategy is based on a period of time in which the player makes a certain number of bets. After that, he stops playing the slot.

It is important to understand that you stop playing no matter how successful it is. This is how you protect yourself from the destructive effects of gambling. Finish before you are too tired, you are not concentrating well and cannot analyze the situation.

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