PIET Carbuncle


“Only studies no fun, makes the children dull”.

As per the culture of PIET every academic year is marked by a fabulous Fresher’s welcome party, “Carbuncle”. It is an endeavor to bring to surface the hidden talents of the youth. Carbuncle -2k17 witnessed the gracious presence of Sh. Gaurav Kumar, SDM Samalkha along with other invitees. Sh. Hari Om Tayal, Chairman; Sh. Suresh Tayal, Secretary BOG; Mr. Rakesh Tayal, Member BOG; Dr. K.K.Paliwal, Director PIET; Sh. S.K. Khanna Sir, Administrator PIET ; welcomed the dignitaries and inaugurated the function by lighting the lamp and Saraswati Vandana.

New aspirants with their seniors witnessed the two day event in its full bloom with a series of events like Declamation, Dumb Charades, Ad-mad Show, Solo singing, Duet dance, Solo dance, Group dance and the most coveted event of the night ‘Fashion Show’. Not only the students but all the invitees were spell bound by the magnificent aura created by the students who were not looking less than celebs during the ramp walk.

Here comes another eve, the ‘Star Night’. Well known Punjabi singer ‘Akhil’ with his lively performance put the stage on fire. Everyone sat glued to the show, on his popular numbers especially ‘rukh’, ‘khaab’ etc. The spectators’ could not control themselves from dancing and singing along the star performer. Everyone got chance to feel relaxed and happy and escape from monotony and finally to get lost in the realm of melodies.

As is the custom, the winners were awarded for various titles by the dignitaries. The fervour of Carbuncle-2k17 comes to its height with the announcement of the titles of Mr. Fresher and Ms. Fresher which were grabbed by Sanyam (MBA) and Muskan (B.tech) respectively. Chief Guest, Dignitaries and Management members appreciated the commendable efforts of all the participants. Management members expressed their gratitude to the chief guest and dignitaries by presenting momentos and appreciated the meticulous planning of all to make the event a grand success.

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Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology organizes an annual sumptuous fresher’s welcome party i.e. Carbuncle. The purpose of this event is to welcome and make every fresher feel an integral part of PIET family and gear up for the challenges ahead. Jovial smiles and beaming faces marked the ’Carbuncle-2016’ organized in the amphitheater on 31-1 October, 2016, a two-day event, which manifested overwhelming enthusiasm.

The event began with Quiz Competition followed by Mono Acting, Mimicry and finally the Painting Competition. The events witnessed a record breaking participation of talented students exhibiting their mental prowess and skills. The Chief Guest of the event inaugurated the function after lightening the lamp along with all dignitaries.

The star attraction and talk of the town is always the star night and on this occasion the famous Punjabi singer, Hardy Sandhu  rocked the stage with his foot tapping numbers like, “mud ke to vekh soniye munda horn blow karda” and “mein pyar to vadh tenu pyar kran” among others. With pulsating ambience, flashing lights and foot tapping music, the party began with a blast. As the mercury began to rise, the dance floor was left open for some unbridled energy. The ripples of joy and happiness echoed in the atmosphere.

Dalip Singh Rana, better known as, The Great Khali, professional wrestler famous for his fights in WWE was another star attraction who motivated students for newer challenges in life ahead. The hearts of all the PIETians enthralled with the mesmerizing performances of the stars.

The most awaited event of the night was the “Fashion Show” where students showcased their personality traits in tune with the fashion trends being followed by youngsters these days. This event led to the selection of Mr. and Ms Freshers’, the titles were won by Mr. Vipul (BBA) and Ms. Aishna (MBA) respectively. The event was followed by Solo Singing, won by Daksh, Duet Dance won by Vipandeep and Harjinder, and Solo Dance won by Jatin. The crowd went ecstatic as the events unfolded one by one. Freshers’ party is all about making the best start and create everlasting relationships with each other.

After all the hustle and bustle it was time for the party to end but not without prize distribution ceremony for the students who scored different positions in various events like Quiz, Mimicry and Painting. The event came to an end with the chief guest being presented with the momento. The hearts of all the PIETians were enthralled with the mesmerizing performances of the stars.

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Like all the years in the past the Panipat Institute Of Engineering And Technology (An institute awarded for Best Engineering College and Best Placement in the Delhi/NCR) announced its 10th celebration of Freshers’ Party called “CARBUNCLE – 2015” on 22nd September, at its premises at 71 mile stone on NH1. ‘The Fresher’s Fest’, is the platform for exhibiting the latent talent of the new aspirants as a part of their personality development. It is a function comparable to sprouting of seeds, as the seniors infuse the PIET culture into the budding generation of the institution to keep the ball rolling into the right direction. As a matter of fact co-curricular and extra curricular activities are an integral part of the curriculum at the institute which includes  all sorts of participation like meaningful plays, dances and songs, ramp walk etc. finally ending with a star night celebration to infuse the youth with energy for an ongoing participation.

Carbuncle 2015 was the night of dazzling famous singer Jassi Gill who enthralled the audience with his famous tracks like ‘Bapu Zimidar’, ‘Lancer’ and ‘Laden. Yes, it was a night of fun and frolic, singing and dancing, celebrating all the way with fresh and raw talent of PIET combined with the star performer Jassi Gil, The moustache man of Punjab, who rocked the stage in a raining night to make the show a gala glorious evening a favourite of the youth with his rocking songs like “Tera Bapu hai laden ta nahi” and many more. His singing made the crowd fervent with excitement. The fest is ever an incorporation of creativity, talent and innovation. The best part is that such shows are coordinated, organised and managed by the students to enhance their managerial skills and boost their confidence level. 

Special attraction of the night was : “Fashionvista” a Mr & Ms Fresher hunt, Solo Songs combined with Solo, Duet and Group Dances by PIETians which was an exciting time to the spectators. As is customary, since no show is complete without a comic tinge, all should expect going through a hilarious mood with the team of students presenting “PIET Comedy Nights

A Rocking Bhangra” of the PIETians was echoing through the air and spreading the message all round of this super show, the heart beat of the participants and onlookers. There were several rounds including Ramp walk, Activity and Question-Answer for the selection of Mr. & Miss Fresher in the environment of joy Happiness. Mr. Ritesh and Miss Vidushi Kakkar were declared as the winners.

Carbuncle 2015 – Result                                   Photographs