Alumni Association

We truly believe that while the PIET experience begins on campus, it is enjoyed for the rest of one’s life. The alumni association plays a major role in building long lasting relationships and creating camaraderie amongst a global community. With alumni spread over the world, PIET students can be assured of a warm welcome whenever they come to PIET.

Networking and relationship building are essential to the sustain the growth of any organization today, PIET has constituted Alumni Association as an appropriate platform for the former students to meet and share their  views and experiences for their mutual benefit & those of their successors.

The PIET culture is to acknowledge the impact and contribution of alumni to their communities. This desire to share knowledge and skills beyond the workplace and family may very well stem from the many community and philanthropic activities they were exposed to at PIET. The alumni association has successfully been able to channelize resources of alumni for the benefit and guidance of the students here.

This has helped the Institute leverage its strategies by integrating the work experience of its alumni placed in various organizations with its placement drive. PIET organized its second Alumni Meet of 31st October 2013, which synchronized with the 2nd Convocation. The latest alumni meet held of the day of 3rd Convocation ie. 2nd January 2016, when 650 Alumni witnessed the occasion and old classmates met each other with nostalgia in an ambience of cultural celebrations presented by the PIETians. The robustness of sharing memorable experiences, the aliveness of revisiting their Alma Mater & its tangible growth, and the PIET Management’s generous approachability struck a happy support among the alumni.

The Association has setup guidance cell to aid the present and past students. The guidance cell, apart from assisting the placement cell, will also assist present students in availing project facilities in various industries in their area of interest. To fulfill the purpose the association has established a strong network amongst the alumni. All alumni of PIET are requested to register as members of the Alumni association and ensure their contact information is updated from time to time.

Objectives of the association:

  • PIET makes the alumni to be a part of developmental activities, taking place in the college to provide good interaction between the former students and the college through periodical meetings, project consultancy, placement activities and guest lectures / seminar thereby.
  • PIET alumni association creates opportunities for training and special projects, guest lectures, industrial visits and seminars.
  • Association facilitates the continual bonding of our alumni. It brings together a wealth of talented and capable professionals who share their expertise and experience, and brainstorm on the prospective avenues.
  • It helps to maintain a continuing and life long relationship among the students, faculty and Alma matter.
  • One of the best objective is to strengthen the cooperation and coordination with industries.
  • To enhance Placement Opportunities for juniors.
  • To suggest modifications and up gradation, updating of curriculum to meet the industrial needs.
  • To organize frequent alumni meets to develop the bonding between Alumni and the institution every year.

For more details Contact:

Mr. Dinesh Verma (AP, MCA Deptt.)


Contact.No: (0)9896024340